Time for a New Timepiece!

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Time for a New Timepiece!

February 16, 2018

As the saying goes, “there is no time like the present.” Well with that thought in mind, how about treating yourself or someone special to a new present – like a beautiful new watch.

The evolution of the wristwatch actually has a rich history. World War I was the seminal moment when the wristwatch became both a strategic military tool and a manly fashion accessory. Before the 20th century, wristwatches were worn only by women and more for decoration than anything as practical as punctuality. It makes you wonder if that is where the term “fashionably late” first came from…

Regardless of whether you are looking for a new watch for fashion or function, we carry a wide array of styles to match any lifestyle from the board room to the ball room to your home’s back deck.

For those that favor a more classic look – or love themselves a good tidbit on history – the iconic Cartier Tank Watch would be an ideal choice. Instantly recognizable, the Tank watch was created in 1917 by the company’s founder, Louis Cartier, and inspired by the Renault tanks that he saw on the western front as a soldier. Legend has it that the design at first had no name, but when Cartier said that he had modeled it on a bird’s eye view of the tank’s square cockpit and lateral tracks, the moniker stuck.


Another iconic watch brand, Rolex, first began experimenting with wristwatches in 1905. A style recognized around the world, you can treat yourself and your partner to matching classic Oyster Perpetual Datejust watches by Rolex. Both are made with 18 karat yellow gold.


2 & 3

If you are looking for a sportier look, we carry a plethora of options to choose from. The Swiss Army Maverick GC Chronograph watch is sporty, classic and perfect for every day. It features a scratch resistant crystal and luminescent hand and hour markers, with a water resistance of up to 100 meters.


4 & 5

For something a little more sophisticated, the Victorinox Swiss Army Maverick GC still has a sporty edge to it but has an effortless elegance, enabling this look to transition from work to play in no time. Made with precision Swiss quartz movement, these pieces are made with sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective treatment and are water resistant up to 100 meters.


6 & 7

If you are looking to add an unexpected splash of color, how about the Swiss Army I.N.O.X Professional Diver? The 45mm face is paired with an exclusive yellow strap and comes with a new Swiss Army Knife. What can be better than two gifts in one?!


And if you like the style, but are searching for a watch more muted in tone, the I.N.O.X also comes in black and navy blue.


9 & 10

The Swiss Army brand is also known for its more feminine watches. The Swiss Army Victoria watch is timeless and elegantly understated, making it the perfect choice for any special lady in your life. If you love this style, but were looking for a watch with a little something “extra,” the Victoria also comes in a version containing 0.38cts of diamonds.

11 & 12

And speaking of “extra,” how about a watch that does more than just give you the date and time? Did you know that we carry a line of watches that can help you maintain your sense of wellbeing? Each Philip Stein watch made is made a unique antenna-like technology that channels the beneficial natural frequencies in the environment into your body, helping you feel centered and ordered, and more easily able to maintain your sense of wellbeing. Now that is the gift that keeps on giving!

The Philip Stein Round Collection watch features the classic chronograph style with a variety of accents, such as rose gold and diamonds, and colors for a look that is just right.


13 14 15 16

If you are intrigued by the Philip Stein technology, but want a more modern look, The Signature Collection Dual Time line has an appeal all of its own. With some of the watches made with diamonds and Mother of Pearl, it will certainly not go unnoticed.

17 & 18

When you come and visit us at George Press you will find a wide selection of the world’s finest watches. Our staff and certified specialists can provide you with expert advice and authorized repair and restoration for your treasured timepieces. We offer factory authorized service provided for most major watch brands and all work is guaranteed. Our watchmaker with over 20 years of experience has the ability to perform repairs ranging from the simplest to the most complex on all brands and all types of watches.

Please come and see if for your next watch purchase. You will not be disappointed. After all, isn’t it about time?

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