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Moonlight Shines Over La La Land – Oscars Jewelry Lights Up the Night

Celebrities are not known for their subtlety, generally speaking, and this year’s Oscars were no exception.  Ruth Negga showed up with a ruby “crown” and earrings to complement her red Valentino gown. Charlize Theron wore diamond Chopard doorknockers on her ears, (they would have crushed a lesser woman.) Even Jennifer Aniston amped it up with 100ct emerald cut graduated diamond earrings worth $9.5 million.

Alas, most of us were not invited to the Oscars this year.  We, unfortunately, had a previous engagement and could not attend. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t occasionally have “Oscars” in our own lives. Maybe it’s an important gallery opening or corporate event.  Or maybe it’s a special wedding, your own – or someone you love very much.  There are always excuses to glam things up a bit and we are here to help!

Bling Around the Collar

As we’ve been saying, colored stones are making a strong comeback and so are collar length diamond necklaces.  This Antique Diamond and Sapphire Necklace combines the best of both worlds, in a charming vintage setting that is also the height of fashion. You can’t beat 11.63cts of round diamonds and 4.50cts of beautiful blue sapphires set in platinum for star power!

Oscars jewelry resembles George Press Antique Diamond and Sapphire Necklace

Or, for the diamond purist, how about this Asher Fancy Link Diamond Necklace from Gregg Ruth? This 18 karat white gold necklace features 6.60cts of sparkling diamonds for your wearing pleasure.  Stunning, just stunning!

The Asher Fancy Link Diamond Necklace from Gregg Ruth resembles jewelry from the Oscars

Bangles and Cuffs

Bangles and cuffs continued to rock the red carpet too. Priyanka Chopka wore elegant platinum and diamond cuffs on each wrist and the effect was sensational with her sleeveless, geometric dress. Halle Berry stacked diamond bangles with her own sleeveless, body-hugging gown.  The nicest thing about this look is that it can be worn with so many different types of outfits.  Stack diamond bangles with your jeans and a favorite shirt, wear them to the office or on an evening out.  You never have to take them off!  We have so many different diamond bangles to choose from.  You can create your own unique combinations.

A Flex Forte Bezel Diamond Dust Bangle makes a great starter in 18K white gold with round diamonds.

The Flex Forte Bezel Diamond Dust Bangle from George Press Jewelers resembles jewelry from the Oscars

Add another, like this Lady’s Alor Stainless Bracelet …

The Lady’s Alor Stainless Bracelet from George Press Jewelers resembles jewelry from the Oscars

Or this Doves 18K White Gold Diamond Bangle. Or both!

The Doves 18K White Gold Diamond Bangle from George Press Jewelers resembles jewelry from the Oscars

If you want a more cuff-like look, try this George Press Three Row Overlapping Diamond Bangle in 18K white gold with 2.21cts of shimmering diamonds.  Imagine how gorgeous it would look to put one on each wrist! Mind…Blown!

This George Press Three Row Overlapping Diamond Bangle is a custom piece from George Press Jewelers that looks like jewelry from the Oscars

Of course, there were plenty of spectacular earrings at the Oscars too, long danglers and ear climbers and all of the trends we have been discussing here in our blog.  We hope you’ve had the opportunity to wear some of these looks. Remember, you are the star of your own life.  Whether it’s a rom-com, a drama or an adventure movie, live it to the fullest and celebrate each and every day!

Hearts and Flowers, Inside Valentine’s Day Gifts

Who doesn’t love a Valentine’s Day gift from their special someone?  Some love what’s outside – the beautiful pink and red wrappings, snippets of lace and pictures of Victorian bouquets.  Some love what’s inside – candy, flowers, lingerie and jewelry!  The hardcore romantics love everything about it, and celebrate with presents, special dinners and tokens of love throughout the day.

As romantic as it all seems, Valentine’s Day as we know it, has a complex history of paganism, religious beliefs, hidden meanings and outright commercialism. Mystery surrounds the identity and history of St. Valentine and why this holiday is attributed to him.  The Catholic Church has at least three known St. Valentines.  A popular legend is that after Emperor Claudius II outlawed marriage for young male soldiers, Valentine, a Roman priest, continued to perform marriages of young couples and upon discovery, was put to death.

Another theory that is often expressed claims that the celebration of St. Valentine’s Day was carefully planned by the Church to replace the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, a sex-laden fertility ritual celebrated on February 15.

Some of the holiday’s most traditional symbols also come from the strangest intentions.  For example, the ubiquitous heart has had its roots traced to representing parts of the female anatomy, an orgy symbol for followers of Bacchus, and the shape of a seed said to have been used to eliminate pregnancies in ancient times.  Doesn’t that just sweep you off your feet?

The Victorians had better luck with assigning meanings to different flowers and compiling nosegays or bouquets of secret messages that had to be decoded by their loved ones. Ivy meant eternal fidelity, and tulips, passion, as did red roses, a traditional gift on Valentine’s Day even now. The beautifully scented stephanotis, often found in bridal bouquets, meant marital happiness.  What a sweet thought!

Today, hearts and flowers still figure prominently in Valentine’s Day gifts. There is especially something to be said for hearts that won’t break and flowers that won’t wilt.  And no, we do not mean artificial flowers! We are, of course, referring to jewelry.  Hearts of diamonds and precious metals and flowers fashioned from nature’s gemstones.  The most lasting expression of love you can give.

George Press is the perfect place to go for Valentine’s Day gifts.  If you’re in the market for flowers, try these custom made George Press Flower Earrings in 18K yellow gold with 0.90cts of round diamonds. Their “secret meaning” is love, delight and good taste, yours, for buying them, and hers, for choosing you!

Valentine's Day, Earrings, Diamond, George Press

Or consider these lovely Pink Sapphire and Freshwater Pearl Earrings in 14K yellow gold featuring 0.70cts of pink sapphires circled with freshwater pearls. Soft and feminine, they will be an equal favorite in all seasons, looking as well with spring pastels as they do with winter white cashmere.

Valentine's Day, Pink Sapphire, Earrings, Flower Earrings

Of course, you can’t go wrong with wearing your heart on your sleeve either, and this custom George Press Diamond Heart Pendant is here to help you do just that. Everyone will know how deep your love is when they see her wearing this stunning 18K gold necklace with 1.68cts of shimmering diamonds.

Valentine's Day, Diamond, Heart, Necklace, George Press

Or surprise your lady love with these Heart Ruby and Diamond Earrings. They symbolize all that is wonderful about Valentine’s Day.  Their sentimental shape, with a beautiful frill of baguette diamonds reveals passionate rubies at their center. They are a pair of romantic confections that will remind her of your love every time she puts them on.

Valentine's Day, Heart, Ruby, Diamond, Earrings

Finally, don’t forget your little loves.  This Children’s Custom George Press Signature Necklace is here to remind them just how much you love them.  Crafted in 14K white gold with a sprinkle of diamonds, your young lady is sure to be delighted. Maybe add a bouquet of white lilacs (youthful innocence) and rosebuds (pure and lovely), and set her on the path to one day finding someone who will cherish her as much as you do!

Valentine's Day, Children's Jewelry. George Press, Heart, Necklaces

Wishing you love, joy and romance on February 14, this year and every year, from George Press!

Out with the Old Year, Ring in the New Year!

What will you think of when you remember 2016?  Will it be Brexit?  The presidential election? Pokemon Go?  Like all years, 2016 brought many changes, some good, some bad.  We said goodbye to a few popular performers, like David Bowie, Prince, Alan Thicke and Carrie Fisher. Hamilton rocked Broadway, the summer Olympics hit Rio and the color pink ruled.  Whatever your interests, 2016 was an eventful year.

We learned about some new trends in jewelry too. Drop hoop earrings, tiered necklaces, light colored jewelry, mixed metals – and pearls, pearls, pearls! Those of us who monitor the market are already looking ahead to next year’s trends and a few patterns are starting to emerge!

Pearls Are Here to Stay

Pearls are still running strong and getting edgier by the moment. There’s nothing shy and demure about this Diamond and Pearl Bypass Bangle. Cream and Black South Sea Tahitian Pearls vie for attention on an 18K white gold bangle with round diamonds.  Choose this or select the cream and pink pearl variation set in 18K rose gold. They are both stunning.


Geometric Rules

Triangles, squares, rectangles and circles.  If its geometric in its shape or decoration, it’s in style. For the perfect example, we look to these 18K yellow gold Tiffany inlaid earrings featuring onyx and mother of pearl.  The combination of shape and pattern is truly geometry at its personal best!


Heart to Heart

Also showing up for 2017 is the iconic heart shape.  Whether it’s a single heart shaped stone or a full heart-shaped setting like this George Press Diamond Heart Pendant in 18K gold with 1.68cts of diamonds, nothing says “I Love You” quite like a heart full of diamonds!


The Ears Have It!

Big drop or big hoop earrings, full on glitz, the brasher the better. We love this pair, Marco Bicego’s Lunaria Medium Gold and Citrine Earrings. Almost a full 2 inches long, the rose cut cushion citrines boast hand-hammered and engraved drops inspired by the delicate shape of the Lunaria flower. So trendy, yet so elegant.

Pendants are in. They can be large or small, worn on a choker or a longer chain. Big bold pendants are the new statement necklace, but if you prefer smaller pendants, try layering them with a couple of other necklaces for a tiered look! This Lady’s Alor Yellow Gold Necklace in 18K gold with two diamond pendants is the perfect piece to complete your combination effect!


So stick with us as we explore these and other upcoming trends, and while you’re out window shopping, see if you spot a few others, like Victorian style jewelry, tassels, raw stones and minerals, and buckles. Once again you are a fashionista in the know.  Go forth and show off your up to the minute info, have fun and have a healthy and happy New Year!

Novel Twists in Bridal Jewelry, Unusual Shapes and Surprises Inside

The bridal market has been all a-twitter lately with some of the new trends in engagement rings and wedding bands.  Gold and mixed metal rings are in vogue, as are unusually shaped stones and bands, and engagement rings that hide a sweet secret meant for the bride’s eyes alone.

George Press Diamond Engagement Ring

Today’s engagement rings have been featuring unusually cut stones. For example, kite-shaped diamonds which look like four-sided stars. Or this lovely oval center stone set in 18 karat white gold by George Press and surrounded by 0.90cts of round diamonds.


Gabriel & Co. Diamond Wedding Band

Or if you’re looking for a different shape in a wedding band, how about this Gabriel & Co. Diamond Wedding Band?  In 14 karat white gold, this band contains 0.26cts of diamonds and nests comfortably with your engagement ring for a winning combination.


Steven Kretchmer Diamond Engagement Helix Ring

For the bold and the beautiful, this Steven Kretchmer Diamond Engagement Helix Ring puts a different twist on a traditional ring with its platinum Helix Truncated Flat setting holding a princess cut center stone aloft as if by magic!


Verragio Diamond Engagement Ring

Brides are also being wooed by engagement rings with sweet surprises meant only for their eyes. Most people view an engagement ring from the top as the soon-to-be bride holds out her hand or moves it about.  But future brides often spend countless hours admiring their rings from all sides, turning it this way and that to sparkle and shine in the light.

The sides of the settings have now become opportunities to enchant brides with special designs and even “secret” diamonds or other gems.

This 18 karat white gold Verragio Diamond Engagement Ring is a classic example of this technique with its yellow gold “underskirt” and a nosegay of  diamonds underneath that are nobody’s business but the bride’s. We’re charmed. Aren’t you?


Tacori Diamond Engagement Ring

This principle can be applied to more streamlined rings also. A modern setting from Tacori, this Diamond Engagement ring is traditional, yet unconventional, and still manages to intrigue with an unexpected display of side diamonds.


Verragio Diamond Engagement Ring

One last offering from Verragio that truly exemplifies what we’re talking about.


On this 18 karat white gold Diamond Engagement Ring, the surprise continues all around the band with curlicues and arches that few people will see besides the bride.  Maybe they help keep her ring in place, or maybe they are a love note just for her that says “you are loved in your entirety, as a whole, for all that you are and will ever be.” This is for her to know, not us.  We can only guess and wish it was ours.

Father’s Day Gifts for the Special Men in Your Life

Whether it’s your father, the father of your children or another father figure in your life, Father’s Day is a day to celebrate all of them and let them know just how much you treasure them.  Unfortunately, finding the right Father’s Day gift can be less than easy.  If your dad has a well-known hobby or collection, count yourself one of the lucky ones.  For the rest of us, though, it’s more of a mystery. Further complicating matters is that they often buy themselves what they want, usually about a week before Father’s Day!

If you are one of these fellow sufferers, George Press is here to help with a selection of items sure to please even “hard to shop for” dads. So step away from the neckties, and consider these great gifts.

Men’s Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust

Rolex OP Datejust

What dad could say no to a Rolex? It’s probably something he has wanted for a long time, but never splurged on. It may be more affordable than you would have thought possible.  We have this 18kt yellow gold and stainless steel Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust in our estate collection just waiting for a handsome proud owner. A timeless symbol of achievement, tell your dad he’s the boss and he’s the best!

Stephen Kretchmer Men’s Wedding Band


Maybe your dad or husband is due for a wedding band update.  Has he stopped wearing his wedding ring?  Does he complain that its uncomfortable or too small?  Or would he just love a modern new look?  Men’s bands have come a long way, baby!  This Midnight Blue Tire Stick Wedding Band from Steven Kretchmer is a perfect example. In patented platinum magnetic alloy with a diamond accent, wearing this wedding band will be a cool thing to do once again.

George Press Coin Cufflinks


Here’s a gift that’s perfect for the man who still values dressing for an evening out. One who likes history and the classics and a bit of romance. A man who knows that a proper dress shirt requires cufflinks, preferably unique ones like these George Press Custom Coin Cufflinks.  Framed in a wreath of green-gold these cufflinks are set with Roman Empire bronze coins circa 100-400 A.D. These archeological treasures will be a Father’s Day Gift he will enjoy showing off for a long time to come.

Swiss Army Cigar Cutter, Alox


Finally, a gift to please all dads, a gift that has proven its reliability time and time again, a Swiss Army Knife and Cigar Cutter.  This three inch Cigar Cutter/Knife combo has such useful tools as a blade, scissors, file and three laser sharpened cigar punches. Swiss-made, this dependable pocket tool has a lifetime warranty and is the sure sign of an extremely cool dad.

So stop endlessly cruising the men’s departments at the mall.  You aren’t going to find anything there that you haven’t already bought for Father’s Day three times over.  Just come into George Press and let us help you find the perfect Father’s day gift. Let Father’s Day be a mystery no more!

Celebrating the Pearl! – High Accolades for June’s Birthstone

Designers are featuring them, celebrities are wearing them, pearls are everywhere and especially now, when pearls take top honors as June’s traditional birthstone. Today’s pearls are completely reimagined in innovative settings and combinations, creating a whole new class of classic jewelry.

Ombré Opera Length Pearl Necklace


A recent twist in pearl necklaces is incorporating ombré pearls.  Sometimes a subtle variation of white to grey or pink, or sometimes flaunted in dramatic changes of color – like this Ombré Opera Length Pearl Necklace.  South Sea pearls graduate from shimmering black to luminescent white, with an 18 karat white gold and diamond clasp that is too beautiful to hide. A gorgeous, elegant statement of a necklace!

 Honora White Round Ringed Hoop Earrings


Honora combines several new trends in these White Round Ringed Hoop Earrings. With an homage to link jewelry and a technology twist, these 9-10mm freshwater cultured pearl hoops are strikingly different and as modern as can be.  Move over debutantes, these earrings have enough edge to rewrite traditional pearl studs into something adventurous and exciting.  Good job Honora!
George Press South Sea Pearl and Diamond Ring

Golden South Sea Pearls are wonders of nature, and they deserve equally wondrous settings. George Press lovingly envelopes one of these miracles in a shining fold of 18 karat yellow gold edged with diamonds. It arrives special delivery, custom created by George Press especially for you!

Bucellati Pearl and Diamond Necklace


Remember when Olivia Wilde rocked the Oscars in February with her Pearl Edwardian Choker?  Well now it’s your turn! This Buccellati Pearl and Diamond Choker features an 18 karat white gold and diamond clasp and six strands of lustrous pearls. Transform yourself into an overnight sensation when you clasp it around your own graceful neck.  You “Wilde thing” you!

So honestly, have you ever seen such a variety of Pearl jewelry?  This is just the tip of the iceberg!  We have many examples of exciting Pearl creations that are perfect for June birthday ladies, graduation gifts or just to add some spice to your own wardrobe. Stop by and see what’s new in the world of pearls, you’ll be surprised!

Silver & Gold, Mixing Metals (Not Metaphorically)

To say that the Met Gala is a fashion forward affair is putting it mildly. The gala is often the first venue to alert the public to new style trends, and this year was no exception. This May’s technology theme launched a lot of futuristic new looks, with many of the “celebrati” flashing metallics for high impact.  Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga, Nicole Kidman, Cindy Crawford and numerous others sparkled and shone on the red carpet.  Nor did they limit themselves to a single metal, rather, the silver and gold celebration was a kaleidoscope worthy of a Klimt painting.

It should come as no surprise then, that jewelry designers have also been embracing this trend; mixing yellow gold with silver-toned metals like platinum, white gold, silver and steel. The effect is lustrous, modern and infinitely wearable.


Alor Classique Multicolor Bangle

Take, for example, this Alor Classique Multicolor Bangle. Wrought in 18 karat gold with three shades of stainless steel, the effect is luminous and radiant.  This bangle flatters every skin tone and draws all other jewelry into shining harmony. It will look gorgeous on the sleeve of your favorite winter white sweater and equally beautiful on your tanned wrist in your favorite poolside ensemble.  Truly a bracelet for all seasons.


Ivanka Trump has shown more than once that her natural design talent produces jewelry worthy of the spotlight. These classical Ivanka Trump Diamond Earrings reflect beauty and grace in 18 karat yellow gold with 0.73cts of round brilliant diamonds. The clean lines are both modern and reminiscent of the great art deco era. Silver and Gold has never looked so sophisticated.



Finding your wedding band a little ho hum these days? Slip on this set of Three Diamond Eternity Bands custom created by none other than our own George Press. Sold together, or separately, the center band is platinum set with 3.94cts of round brilliant diamonds. Flanking it are two 18 karat yellow gold bands each set with 3.06cts of fine white and champagne round diamonds. So beautiful, you’ll vow to wear it forever!



Finally, Alor sets the pace yet again with this Diamond Ring in 18 karat white gold and stainless steel with a diamond buckle. So refreshing and contemporary, this ring appeals to women of all ages and styles. It makes a great gift for graduations, anniversaries, promotions and the always popular self-appreciation. (Wink!)


The Silver and Gold trolley has slowed down just for you so jump aboard! We know you’ll enjoy the ride.  Pick out some mixed metal favorites and ring the bell- because you’ll be riding the fashion train with the stars!


Diamond Earrings Worthy of Your Lifetime Collection

Beyond the Stud

With a set of diamonds and a set of pearls, a well-dressed woman has appropriate jewelry for almost any occasion. Of course, no lifetime collection is complete without an amazing pair of diamond earrings.

The stuff of song lyrics and always a welcome gift, women appreciate diamond earrings at any point in their lives.  Whether you’re looking for something exceptional for your lady love, or seeking to commemorate a special birthday, diamond earrings are a perfect choice.  They also make an excellent gift for yourself!  Am I right ladies?

Classic diamond drop earrings have undeniable allure. They sparkle at the slightest motion, drawing attention to the wearer and are the perfect complement at any age. George Press offers a large variety of diamond drops like these Gregg Ruth Diamond Drop Earrings in 18 karat white gold with 1.43cts of diamonds. Perfect for the woman who has mastered the feminine mystique!

Gregg Ruth Diamond Earrings

Gregg Ruth Diamond Drop Earrings

Gregg Ruth also offers these Asher Drop Earrings. The Asher cut drops show that you are style-conscious, yet still classic. With 1.32cts of diamonds set in 18 karat white gold, these earrings are are not going to fade into the background, that’s for sure. They will continue to make their mark many years after you add them to your collection.

Gregg Ruth Asher Drop Diamond Earrings

Gregg Ruth Asher Drop Diamond Earrings

If you’re looking for something a little more casual, these Alor Diamond Earrings really bring it to the table – the conference table, the dinner table or the blackjack table! In 18 karat yellow gold and stainless steel nautical cable with 0.36cts of diamonds, they are great for summer resort wear too!

Gregg Ruth Asher Drop Diamond Earrings

Alor Diamond Earrings

Which brings us to the classic charm of long, dangly, diamond earrings. George Press throws his hat into the ring with these stunning custom offerings.  These One of a Kind Drop Diamond Earrings in 18 karat white and yellow gold feature 4.81cts of fine white, champagne and cognac diamonds. Admirers will lean in closely to better appreciate their exquisite workmanship and range of color. Before you know it…well let’s just say that anything’s fair in love and war.

George Press One of a Kind Drop Diamond Earrings

George Press One of a Kind Drop Diamond Earrings

Finally, right out of fantasyland and onto your ears, George Press brings you these Decorative Diamond Drop Earrings. Custom created in 18 karat gold with 5.84cts of fine white, cognac and champagne round diamonds, these iconic earrings say all there is to say on the matter.  You will have the last word. Period. End of Story. You win.

George Press Decorative Diamond Drop Earrings

George Press Decorative Diamond Drop Earrings

So what are you waiting for? Add some diamond earrings to your lifetime collection as soon as you can. You will enjoy them over and over again. Live, love and wear gorgeous jewelry. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best April Birthstone!

Congratulations, April babies you have won the birthstone lottery! As much as girls born in other months may cherish their own special birthstones, rest assured that they all secretly envy you.  Some more than others!

The name diamond comes from the Greek word “adamas,”meaning invincible. Diamonds come in a wide range of colors, including yellow, orange, black, blue, purple, green, pink and red.  These diamonds are known as “fancy,” and the color is created by impurities in the stone, such as yellow for nitrogen and blue for boron.

Luckily for the rest of us, there is nothing to stop anyone from enjoying the beauty and magnificence of diamond jewelry. Today’s diamond jewelry comes in a variety of styles from playful to elegant, and can be enjoyed all day-and all night- long. So don’t be an April fool, put those diamonds on and shine, shine, shine!

George Press Flower Earrings

George Press Diamond Flower Earrings

These adorable 18 karat yellow gold flower earrings feature almost a carat of diamonds, but do they look stodgy and serious?  Heck no!  Designed and created by George Press custom jewelry, these earrings are joyous and youthful.  Perfect for the free spirit that lives inside you, they pair easily with everything from jeans to prom dresses.  What would you love to wear them with?  Visit our Facebook page and let us know! 

 Lady’s Two-Tone 18 Karat Geometric Fashion Ring

Lady’s Two-Tone 18 Karat Geometric Fashion Ring

Lady’s Two-Tone 18 Karat Geometric Ring

All bow before the new Queen of our Estate Collection. This show-stopping ring is a diamond masterpiece in a ruby frame. Totally wearable and fashion-forward, you can rock this beauty 24/7 and be absolutely majestic!

Marco Bicego Sivigilia Diamond Necklace

Marco Bicego Siviglia Diamond Necklace

Add the perfect touch to any outfit with this Marco Bicego Siviglia Necklace in 18 karat yellow gold embellished with 0.60cts of diamonds. This impeccable necklace has a classic look that will always be stylish. You may never take it off!

George Press Geometric Diamond Ring

George Press Geometric Diamond Ring

George Press Geometric Diamond Ring

Now here’s a ring that’s perfect for those who have arrived!  Set in 18 karat gold, this ring is a sophisticated mix for the bold at heart.  A 2.00ct center stone lords it over a court of smaller diamonds. Exquisite taste at an exceptional price, custom made for the discerning buyer by George Press.

So Happy Birthday to April’s offspring, enjoy your well-deserved birthstone!  As for the rest of us, remember – “everyday” does not mean “ordinary.” You can wear ANY of these knockouts every day, but you will certainly be a long, long way from ordinary!

The Wearing o’ the Green

March 17th is right around the corner, and with it the rollicking celebration known as St. Patrick‘s Day.  Now you don’t have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patty’s Day, but sure and begorrah, you better be wearing your green!

We love green stones at this time of year anyway, because they seem so symbolic of spring and regrowth.  Flowers are pushing up their leaves and before you know it , new grass shoots will be covering the lawns. Can’t you just smell the air after a spring shower….mmmmm.
This Marco Bicego Jaipur Color Tourmaline Ring captures that moment perfectly in 18 karat gold with green tourmaline. It’s enough to make us buy dozens of tulips and put them all over the house!

Or maybe you love the stately elegance of lilies? Then you may prefer these Doves Agate and Diamond Earrings in 18 karat white gold featuring green agate.  Look at that beautiful true green. These would look gorgeous with green eyes, blue eyes and brown eyes too! As long as they’re Irish eyes, and they’re smiling!

Finally, stop and admire the allure of this platinum George Press Diamond Eternity Band with 6.84cts of emerald cut diamonds, enveloped by two 18 karat gold channel rings, each set with 3.74cts of square peridot.  It deserves a parade all of its own!

So have fun on St. Patty’s Day, dance a jig if the spirit moves you, but above all wear your green.  Here’s wishing you the luck of the Irish!

Starting Your Lifetime Collection

People collect jewelry in different ways.  Some buy a particular designer.  Others like to purchase the same types of stones, having an affinity for say, rubies, or emeralds.  Many like to sample a little of everything.  But one piece of advice holds true for all of these jewelry fans – buy what you like!

That being said, many sources do agree that there are certain basic items that every woman should own. The first being a set of diamonds, and the second, a set of pearls.  If you own both of these, you will have appropriate jewelry for every occasion. Well, maybe not scuba diving.

Nothing is more flattering than an exquisite diamond necklace. It can turn the simplest LBD into a wow ensemble.  Picture any little black dress in your closet. Then mentally try on one of these sparklers…

This One of a Kind Diamond Necklace from George Press is perfect for the collector who wants a piece of custom jewelry.  Set in platinum with 2.83cts of light-catching diamonds, it stands out with its singular design and masterful choice of stones.  This piece handles day-to-evening with incredible ease.

For those who prefer a vintage piece, the George Press Estate Collection offers several stunning choices, including this Antique Diamond Necklace set in platinum with 9.5cts of diamonds.  Charmingly framed in ribbon and floral motifs, this lovely lady sets a mood of romance, a belle from another era, as beautiful as the day she was created.

Or just make their mouths gape, by donning this Gregg Ruth Asher Fancy Link Diamond Necklace featuring 6.6cts of diamonds in 18 Karat White Gold.  There’s no arguing with this necklace, you are a connoisseur of fine jewelry.  To you they will go with all of their questions.  No doubt they will beg to see the rest of your collection. Let them wait. You’re not that easy.

So three choices, three different moods entirely.  Which one suits you the best? Well, there’s only one way to be sure, stop by and see us at George Press.  We would love to see you try on all three in person, or maybe you’ll be instantly drawn to one of the other diamond necklaces we have on display. Believe us, it was hard to only choose three. Don’t let us choose for you.  Come in and buy what YOU like. After all, it’s YOUR lifetime collection.

New Year!

New Year’s has come and gone, and now it’s time dear friends to once again consult the fashion fortune teller and find out what the top trends will be for 2016. Come with me now…………

Mirror, mirror on the wall…oops sorry, wrong fortune.  Looking into my crystal ball…I see that there are a number of trends in the jewelry world this year.  Stackable rings and bracelets are still going strong, along with Y necklaces, and openwork or open-ended bracelets and rings.

But…what’s this? I see some new trends emerging! Here’s something hot and new in bridal jewelry- mixed metals!  Rose gold and platinum or yellow gold and white gold.  Look at the beauty of this Couture Parisian Engagement Ring from Verragio.  The yellow highlights make the 18 karat white gold pop! Settings are finally rivaling diamonds for center stage.  It’s a revelation!


Let me look again. Oh darn can you pass me the Windex please my crystal ball is getting cloudy.  Wait, wait, I see something…it’s dark, it’s shiny…its blackened metals!

Wow, what a unique trend. A lot of top designers indicate that they will be featuring blackened metals in their new lines. Of course, at George Press we are already ahead of the curve. Come in and look at some of our fashion forward offerings like these Alor Noir Collection Diamond Earrings featuring the crisp contrast of black stainless steel against 18 karat white gold and stainless steel. Diamond swirls in the center are heavenly against the geometric background.

Is that the phone ringing? No, no hold on, I’m getting a message from the other side. There’s one more trend that you should know about. Uniquely shaped diamonds and colored stones are gathering attention as celebrities flaunt them on the red carpet. Hearts and pears have been shown particular favor and it’s easy to see why. George Press celebrates the pear-shaped diamond in this custom 18 karat white gold engagement ring.  Smaller diamonds surround the center stone in a loving embrace for a dazzling effect. Want to be even more original?  Try setting it slightly sideways.  Remember, at George Press we can make whatever your heart desires.

Ah the crystal ball is darkening now. Thank you spirits for your wise counsel. Perhaps Madame would like to have her palm read?  No?  That’s probably just as well, I must say I am drained.  Another time perhaps. Until then, go forth and be fashionable!

Not Your Grandmother’s Pearls

Remember your grandmother’s pearls? Probably a long, single strand with an elegant clasp. Or maybe you got some when you turned Sweet Sixteen?  Well, pearls have come a long way since then.  Take a look at some of these contemporary pearl pieces and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about!

No ho hum pearl studs here. These Honora Long Drop Earrings with Pearls are sleek and sexy in 14 karat gold. As great for daytime as they are for evening, these drops are as fresh and modern as can be. This versatile style is sure to become a go-to favorite for your favorite gal.


Or go for baroque with these 18 karat white gold baroque pearl earrings highlighted with a dash of diamonds.  Part of the George Press Estate Collection, these unique beauties are lush and exciting. These earrings prove that true elegance never goes out of style, because they are even more fashionable now than they ever were!
George Press has outdone himself once again with this Custom Baroque South Sea Pearl and Diamond Necklace.  Featuring beautiful multi-colored baroque pearls and 2.80cts of round diamonds this one-of-a-kind creation brings the pearl necklace to new heights!

Finally, check out this Freshwater Pearl Bracelet from Alor. In 18 karat yellow gold and stainless steel this Nautical Cable wrap bangle will rope you in with its fun spin on the pearl bracelet. Sporty and chic in the summer, it will look equally enticing at the edge of your winter sweaters.  This bracelet is just raring to go at any time. It will be a workhorse in your wardrobe, or rather, a thoroughbred!


Convinced? We know you can’t help but love today’s pearls. Send the message that you’re classic but innovative, that you revere tradition but love to mix things up. You’re wearing pearls, but you’re a trendsetter. You’re on the new frontier in the world of fashion jewelry.  Hitch up your wagon ’cause you’re going places now!

Fashion at Your Fingertips!

Let’s face it ladies, we put lots of time and money into looking our best.  Not the least of which goes to our favorite weekly therapy, manicures!  The trends for nail polish are strong this fall with loads of unexpected twists.  So play up your beautiful nails with these equally gorgeous pieces from the always fashionable George Press!

Embrace your dark side with fall’s hippest trend.  Dark nail colors of wine, black and especially blue are rocking the runways.  Blue has never been more popular, in all it’s incarnations of midnight, metallic, cobalt and sapphire. This London Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring from Ivanka Trump plays up the mood perfectly with an edgy shade of blue that will showcase your sense of style.

Nail art also continues to be a front runner, with thin stripes, chevrons and small squares taking pride of place.  A particularly fetching design is to outline the nail with contrasting top and bottom stripes.  If you really want to wow them, top it off with this George Press Custom Topaz and Diamond Ring in 18 karat gold with fine white and black round brilliant diamonds. Your imagination will run wild thinking of new color combinations inspired by this beauty!

Cocoas, taupes, bronzes, and champagne colors also take their customary fall place.  What isn’t customary is this 18 karat white gold, stainless steel and rose stainless steel Nautical Cable Bangle from Alor. With  a spritz of diamonds, you can never have too many of these! Alone or stacked, they will turn your earth-toned manicure into something heavenly!

Oh and did we mention grey?  Because if we didn’t, shame on us!  Grey is a power player this season in all of its shades.  From smoky tints to luminous platinum, you can’t go wrong with this neutral.  Everything looks great with grey, but nothing looks better than the sparkly allure of diamonds.  This 18 karat white gold Gregg Ruth Asher Diamond Bangle blends elegant sophistication with a wearability that outshines the rest. You’ll soar to new heights this fall with this winning pairing!

A Bevy of Bangles!

Bangles have been traditional for way too long. But surprise! At last there is a delightful alternative to the familiar, ring-shaped bracelet.  Cast your eyes upon these beauties that are breaking all the rules.


Fashionistas are fascinated with open-ended bangles this fall.  Especially coveted are bangles that add sparkle to the neutrals that Fall outfits bring, such as this George Press Custom Bangle. This three row overlapping diamond bangle is a great piece for this transition season, as the versatility of diamonds works extremely well with winter outfits!  Three Row Overlapping Diamond Bangle

This stunning 18 karat white gold bangle features 2.21cts of sparkling diamonds.

Working 9 to 5? You can still flash a little bling at your wrist! This stunning Bronze Stainless Steel with Brown Stingray and mixed color and white diamonds cuff from Alor is the ultimate power bracelet. Clap on this bracelet and watch the glass ceiling disappear!  Better yet, take this look into evening with ease, it goes with everything, especially a promotion!

Stingray Alor Brown

Absolutely stunning bangle from Alor’s Petra collection in 18 karat Gold, Stainless Steel, Bronze Stainless Steel with Brown Stingray and 0.38 mixed color Diamonds and 0.17 carats of White Diamonds.



Looking for something truly unusual?  Something that adorns a slender wrist in a little black dress with the utmost taste and just a touch of restraint?  Try this Hera Palmera Leaf Bangle in sterling silver and 18 karat rose gold with a swish of diamonds.  It’s your moment, enjoy it!


Sterling silver and 18 karat rose gold Hera Palmera leaf bangle features 0.08cts of diamonds.




A true connoisseur knows how to combine for maximum impact!  We love these two together…or even three or four!  Marco Bicego presents these African Gold Kissing and Bypass bangles in 18 karat hand-engraved gold. Splash a jangle of these bangles on and raise your champagne glass for a toast. “To fabulousness!  Hear! Hear!”

A contemporary twist on the classic bangle, Africa “kissing” bangle by Marco Bicego in 18 karat hand-engraved gold.

Africa bypass bangle in 18 karat hand-engraved yellow gold.


September Sapphires — Follow the Rainbow!

When we think of sapphires we almost always think of blue.  That’s not surprising when you consider that blue is the most popular color in the world.  But we are doing ourselves a disservice!

September’s birthstone comes in a range of wonderful colors, including pink, orange, yellow, green, white, purple and lavender.

Sapphires are a gemstone of the mineral corundum, which, when red, is called a  ruby. Although cornflower blue or Kashmir sapphires are highly prized, the rarest form of sapphire is actually the orange-pink Padparadschah, typically found in Sri Lanka. Padparadschah loosely translates to “lotus flower” in Sanskrit.

Sapphires can vary in density, so they are measured by carat weight and by size. Hue, tone and saturation are the three qualities used in evaluating color. These pink George Press Sapphire Bands are a beautiful hue! Shown here encasing a lustrous 6.84 carat Diamond Eternity Band, they are available together or separately from George Press Custom Jewelry.


George Press Diamond Eternity Band and Two Sapphire Bands
George Press Diamond Eternity Band and Two Sapphire Bands



Many magical functions have been historically attributed to sapphires.   Ancient civilizations believed that sapphires protected against the “evil eye”, envy, poisoning and sore throats.  Yellow sapphires are supposed to help overcome shyness.  These beautiful Shoshana Diamond and Sapphire Daisy Earrings certainly have a magical quality. No one wearing these charming blooms could ever be described as shy!


Shoshana Diamond and Sapphire Daisy Earrings
18 karat yellow gold Daisy earrings by Shoshana, set with 2.99cts of round yellow sapphires and 0.93cts of round diamonds that add a splash of color.





Sapphires have been popular in engagement rings for centuries.  They are said to symbolize romance, sincerity and fidelity.  Popular with royalty, it is said that deep blue sapphires may have been the source of the color known as “royal blue.”  Napoleon Bonaparte gave Empress Josephine a sapphire and diamond engagement ring.  Princess Catherine, formerly Kate Middleton, currently wears the sapphire engagement ring that Prince Charles gave to Princess Diana.

Today’s celebrities have also followed this example, with Penelope Cruz, Elizabeth Hurley and Jenny McCarthy flaunting sapphireengagement rings. Jenny’s is a 10 carat yellow sapphire!  If you’re more of a traditionalist, this beautiful Gregg Ruth Diamond and Sapphire Antique Cluster Ring recalls Princess Diana’s treasured ring in a most elegant way.


18 karat white gold antique cluster ring delicatly features 0.28cts of diamonds F/G in color VS2 in clarity and 0.79cts of sapphire.
18 karat white gold antique cluster ring delicatly features 0.28cts of diamonds F/G in color VS2 in clarity and 0.79cts of sapphire.





Sapphires are also the traditional gift for 45th anniversaries.  But there’s no reason to wait that long anymore!  This Shoshana 18 karat white gold Hearts within Heart Pendant with  1.18cts of pink, yellow and blue sapphires makes a lovely gift for an anniversary or any other special occasion.


This delightful 18 karat white gold Shoshana heart pendant features a colorful array of 1.18cts of pink, yellow and blue round sapphires.
This delightful 18 karat white gold Shoshana heart pendant features a colorful array of 1.18cts of pink, yellow and blue round sapphires.


So add a dash of panache to your jewelry wardrobe and explore the wonderful world of sapphires.  Blue, yellow, purple or whatever your heart desires, pick your favorite colors and you’ll be over the rainbow with delight!

Outshine The Sun

Summer is all about having fun in the sun and what can be more fun than feeling and looking fabulous?  Everyone around you is going to need more sunscreen when you make an appearance in these hot highlights from George Press.

2014 Jewelry Trends: Geometric Silhouettes


Geometric Silhouettes have been reigning designer fashion and jewelry collections for the past few seasons and for good reason. Geometric designs will instantly inject an instant polish to your outfit and are great season-less additions to your jewelry collection. We chose our geometric favorites to inspire you.

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