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Happy National Princess Day

With all of the wacky holidays out there, from National Potato Chip Day to National Kazoo Day, we may have found one that is one of our favorites: National Princess Day. So clear your schedule on November 18th and prepare for a magical day of pampering and fabulousness! And wouldn’t it be fitting to match your favorite tiara with some princess-cut diamond jewelry?

The princess cut diamond, first created in 1980, is the most popular fancy cut, especially for engagement rings. Like round cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds are a good choice for their flexibility in working in almost any style of ring. Fortunately we have plenty of styles to choose from depending on her majesty’s taste.

This Veraggio classic princess engagement ring is expertly crafted with stunning 14karat white gold and 0.40cts of diamonds within the band to allow the center stone to really shine.

If you are looking for something a little unexpected, you may just fall in love with this Helix ring by Steven Kretchmer. It is a classic design inspired by the graceful curves of either the right or left hand.

This ring by Verragio is intricately designed using 14karat white gold to perfectly showcase a princess cut center stone accented by 0.25cts of diamonds to evoke the highest level of elegance.

Also by one of our beloved designers Verragio, this engagement ring is simply radiant. Made with 18karat white gold, it exquisitely draws attention to the princess cut center stone surrounded by 0.50cts of accent diamonds.

No matter how you decide to celebrate National Princess Day this year, we hope that it is a day that makes you happy, whether that is getting in a nice, long nap like Sleeping Beauty or saving the day for those closest to you like Moana and Mulan.

Stargazing – The 2017 Golden Globe Awards

Take a golden globe, wrap it in a filmstrip, put it on a marble base, and you’ve got the quintessential element for a night of Hollywood stargazing and fashion trend-spotting!

The Golden Globe awards took place on Sunday, January 8, with all the aplomb, speculation and downright gossip these events can muster. Beautiful actresses, handsome leading men, gorgeous gowns, and of course, the best jewelry that money can buy (or that can be loaned gratis to important celebrities!)

This year was no exception. If you ask us, the jewelry outshone the gowns, if not the lovely ladies. Even a casual observer would have noticed several trends either emerging or being confirmed.

Leave the Cuffs on!

One of the more obvious stylings was the presence of big, bold cuffs.  Kristen Wiig wore a polished gold Chanel cuff and Ruth Negga also chose a gold cuff with a large ruby. Julia Louis-Dreyfuss’ cuff was slathered in diamonds.  But the award goes to Blake Lively and her matching emerald and diamond-bedecked cuffs that added a superhero touch to her black and metallic gown.

Thinking about trying this twice-as-nice trend?  Let us suggest a pair of these Alor Petra Diamond and Brown Stingray Cuffs. 18 karat gold and stainless steel cuffs with brown stingray and colored and white diamonds are sleek and sophisticated, especially when paired.  Imagine these with a beautiful cashmere sweater, or enhancing your slender wrists in a sleeveless dress. Tap them together and let the magic happen!

Stingray Alor Brown

Rings on Her Fingers…

Tracee Ellis Ross of “Blackish” fame fluttered her fingers for the camera all night to flaunt her diamond-laden hands.  Twelve rings, ten fingers, she took it to the extreme!  But she was far from the only celebrity wearing multiple rings, mostly of the diamond variety.  Natalie Portman, Drew Barrymore and Janelle Monae were also caught red-handed with bling fingers.

Thinking of giving your wedding ring a little companionship? How about this Karina Cluster Ring from Gregg Ruth? Featuring 1.27cts of diamonds in 18K white gold, this sparkler will attract all the paparazzi!  Feeling like a star?  Go ahead, add another. This White Gold and Stainless Steel Fashion Ring from Alor fills the bill easily!


Lady’s Alor White Gold and Stainless Steel Fashion Ring

The Ears Have It

Some trends are holding firm.  Sienna Miller wore simple pearls, Emma Stone a diamond pendant necklace, and of course, statement earrings are still going strong.  Whether cuffs or chandelier, cascades or studs, large diamond earrings were very much in evidence throughout the night. Natalie Portman, Sophia Vergara, Anna Kendrick, and Lily Collins were just a few to claim this award.  Here at George Press, we have given the diamond earring award to these South Sea Pearl and Diamond Earrings, featuring South Sea pearls and 3.46cts of diamonds set in platinum for a truly opulent experience.

Also tied for first place are these gorgeous 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Satin Earrings from Doves. Contemporary styling gives these dazzlers a fresh twist that is sure to draw attention from fans and rivals alike!

Yellow Gold Diamond Satin Earrings

The Night’s Hottest Trend

Finally, we wouldn’t be your trusted jewelry fashion advisor if we didn’t point out the night’s most newsworthy trend.  That’s right, the choker stole the show.  Love them?  Hate them? More on that later.  For now, the list of choker wearers looks something like this- Emma Stone, Michelle Williams, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and more.  Emma Stone wore a vintage 1909 Tiffany & Co. diamond choker with feminine Victorian styling.  We think this one from our Estate Collection is equally beautiful. 9.5cts of diamonds are stunning in a vintage platinum setting, proving that true classics are always in style.

Now that you have the inside skinny, you better get started on your acceptance speech. We think you might be up for a lifetime achievement award for always being the most stylish person in the room. Try to keep it under two minutes or we will play the award theme music. If that doesn’t work, we might have to ask George Clooney to escort you offstage. Wait…that might not be so terrible after all….

Novel Twists in Bridal Jewelry, Unusual Shapes and Surprises Inside

The bridal market has been all a-twitter lately with some of the new trends in engagement rings and wedding bands.  Gold and mixed metal rings are in vogue, as are unusually shaped stones and bands, and engagement rings that hide a sweet secret meant for the bride’s eyes alone.

George Press Diamond Engagement Ring

Today’s engagement rings have been featuring unusually cut stones. For example, kite-shaped diamonds which look like four-sided stars. Or this lovely oval center stone set in 18 karat white gold by George Press and surrounded by 0.90cts of round diamonds.


Gabriel & Co. Diamond Wedding Band

Or if you’re looking for a different shape in a wedding band, how about this Gabriel & Co. Diamond Wedding Band?  In 14 karat white gold, this band contains 0.26cts of diamonds and nests comfortably with your engagement ring for a winning combination.


Steven Kretchmer Diamond Engagement Helix Ring

For the bold and the beautiful, this Steven Kretchmer Diamond Engagement Helix Ring puts a different twist on a traditional ring with its platinum Helix Truncated Flat setting holding a princess cut center stone aloft as if by magic!


Verragio Diamond Engagement Ring

Brides are also being wooed by engagement rings with sweet surprises meant only for their eyes. Most people view an engagement ring from the top as the soon-to-be bride holds out her hand or moves it about.  But future brides often spend countless hours admiring their rings from all sides, turning it this way and that to sparkle and shine in the light.

The sides of the settings have now become opportunities to enchant brides with special designs and even “secret” diamonds or other gems.

This 18 karat white gold Verragio Diamond Engagement Ring is a classic example of this technique with its yellow gold “underskirt” and a nosegay of  diamonds underneath that are nobody’s business but the bride’s. We’re charmed. Aren’t you?


Tacori Diamond Engagement Ring

This principle can be applied to more streamlined rings also. A modern setting from Tacori, this Diamond Engagement ring is traditional, yet unconventional, and still manages to intrigue with an unexpected display of side diamonds.


Verragio Diamond Engagement Ring

One last offering from Verragio that truly exemplifies what we’re talking about.


On this 18 karat white gold Diamond Engagement Ring, the surprise continues all around the band with curlicues and arches that few people will see besides the bride.  Maybe they help keep her ring in place, or maybe they are a love note just for her that says “you are loved in your entirety, as a whole, for all that you are and will ever be.” This is for her to know, not us.  We can only guess and wish it was ours.

The Top Engagement Rings 2014

Bridal season is in full swing and it’s that time of year when we see an influx of couples in search of the perfect engagement ring. George Press has been home to the most luxurious diamond engagement rings for the past 35 years and responsible for 1000’s of “I Do’s.”.

We wanted to share some of our top engagement styles to help inspire you on your quest for the perfect ring.

For The Classic Bride


Our bestselling look is a diamond solitaire engagement ring with a delicate diamond band. Simple, elegant, stunning and easily personalized, this ring will never go out of style. And we love it.


The classic bride wants a timeless and elegant ring that will get more special with time. We often see traditional brides reach for Verragio.

Verragio’s seamless blend of craftsmanship and elegant design has made it one of the top go-to brands for engagement rings. The brand’s attention to detail is unsurpassed.

View our entire Verragio collection here.


For The Contemporary Bride

Steven K

A contemporary bride who wants a uniquely fresh spin on such a traditional piece of jewelry often looks for modern touches consisting of sleek and minimalistic design. We can’t think of anything as perfectly modern as a Steven Kretchmer tension setting. This one-of-a-kind patented setting uses a compression force to secure gemstones in place, exposing almost the entire stone and bringing out the brilliance that is often hidden by prongs and bezels. View our entire collection here.


For The Unconventional Bride

Diamonds aren’t for everyone, so we recommend a sapphire ring for an unconventional bride seeking something unique but still as precious. As the second hardest gemstone (second only to the diamond) the sapphire has been revered for its beauty since the beginning of time. We love Gregg Ruth’s latest collection which features the most glamorous sapphire rings we’ve seen all year.

View the entire Gregg Ruth collection here.


For The Luxury Bride


It has been said that true luxury is possessing something no one else has. A custom ring designed by George Press is the ultimate way to seal the deal. With over 35 years of experience in jewelry design, we can create the rings of your dreams from scratch leaving not one detail left unturned. George is on site every day to work with you to create a custom design just for that special someone, or yourself. Drop in today to get started!



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Bridal season is in full swing and it’s that time of year when we see an influx of couples in search of the perfect engagement ring. George Press has been home to the most luxurious diamond engagement rings for the past 35 years and responsible for 1000’s of “I Do’s.”.
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