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Springing Into Spring With Some New Jewelry

Welcome to spring!

On Wednesday we celebrated the vernal equinox (finally!), leaving winter behind us to embrace warmer months full of flowers and sunshine. Spring is a time of renewal – and the perfect season to embrace some new floral jewelry.

Petali, a brand new collection from one of our favorite designers Marco Bicego embraces all that is springtime. It’s simple yet organic shapes are inspired by the delicate shape of lunaria and features bouquets of elegant petali flowers.

The collection includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings all made from 18karat yellow gold. Each piece features a delicate diamond at the flower’s center for some hidden, added sparkle for you to enjoy as the warm sun kisses your skin.

If you like your floral jewelry with a little extra sparkle, look no further than these just released incredible earrings by Doves. Made with 18karat yellow gold, the intricate design beautifully showcases 0.68cts of exquisite diamonds.

Springtime is also the season to embrace color again. Earlier this year we saw pastels making a recurrence on the Spring/Summer runways. The most definitive color was shades of yellow. This cheery color is just what we need to warm up again after a long winter. Other color families that we took note on were various shades of pink and some gorgeous blues.

If you have trouble deciding which color is your favorite (we do too!), the entire Marco Bicego Jaipur Color collection is a playful mix of gemstones embraced by a hand engraved gold frames, inspired by the by the colors of a tropical Indian sunset. From the petite stud earrings to the rings and necklaces, each piece is a nod to a variety of pastel colors to help you look and feel like a beautiful goddess of the spring.

2019 Golden Globes Red Carpet

Red carpet gowns are always known to make bold fashion statements. Following last year’s black tones in support of the Time’s Up movement, Sunday’s dresses turned back to technicolor and brought an extra level of fun to the most boisterous ceremony of the awards season. We saw colors from all across the rainbow, complimented with incredible jewelry that we could not help but gaze at.

Photo credit: Jon Kopaloff

Photo credit: Frazer Harrison

Photo credit: Steve Granitz

Photo credit: Jon Kopaloff

Lady Gaga who has worn dresses made of raw meat in the past, chose a more elegant option this year complete with matching blue hair and an incredible diamond necklace.

A handful of others such as Elizabeth Moss, Taraji P. Henson, and Isla Fisher, also added some sparkle to their necklines to bring an extra level of glamour to their red carpet looks.

Do you tend to favor the look of old Hollywood? If so, this alluring antique style diamond necklace will make you feel like Audrey Hepburn in no time. Made with 18karat white gold, this “oldie but goodie” features 1.24cts of round brilliant diamonds.

Another style with an even higher sparkle factor is this diamond Riviera necklace. Forget about those pesky camera flashes from the paparazzi, because this beauty will light up any room all on its own! With 18karat white gold and 23.33cts of diamonds, this necklace will make you will feel like a celebrity.

Perhaps your personal star power prefers a breathtaking necklace with a more geometric feel to it. Our friends at Gregg Ruth have beautifully combined symmetry and elegance to create an exquisite necklace that can rival any red carpet look. This incredible work of art is from the Asher Cut collection, featuring 6.60cts of sparkling diamonds.

Sandra Oh had quite an exciting night as both a host and an award winner. During the broadcast she donned several beautiful looks. However we were particularly taken with her gorgeous ensemble on the red carpet. Her beautifully upswept hair gave her gown a more romantic look, and allowed us to take a peek at those lovely earrings she wore before the celebrations began.

Photo credit: Steve Granitz

A similar pair of Tiffany earrings by Schlumberger will give you a grin as big as Sandra Oh’s – without having to change your gown countless times! This timeless piece is made from 18karat gold. Schlumberger’s designs were coveted and collected by the world’s most fashionable women, including Jacqueline Kennedy and legendary Vogue editor Diana Vreeland. Today, they continue to be worn by women of unimpeachable taste.

Michelle Yeoh was the talk of the red carpet when she flashed a very special piece of jewelry that she wore in Crazy Rich Asians: the enormous emerald ring. And this lucky starlet did not borrow the bauble from the film’s wardrobe department – it is actually hers in real life! Lucky girl.

But Ms. Yeoh shouldn’t be the only one with an impressive emerald ring in her jewelry box. Henry Dunay created this amazing ring with a standout design. It features 3.60cts of diamonds and vivid emerald and sapphire cabochons that will turn heads and get people talking. Do not be surprised if a big movie’s wardrobe department soon calls you for styling tips!

Kristin Cavallari was one of the pre-show red carpet commentators, so you know her fashion game had to be top notch on Sunday, and it definitely was.

The designer and former reality star looked incredible in her detailed dress. Our favorite part was of course her pink drop earrings. If you love them as much as we do, check out these beauties made by Doves.

This exquisite pair of rose gold drop earrings feature rose quartz and 0.64cts of black and white diamonds. With these framing your gorgeous face, you too will be on top of your fashion game. Flesh colored dress not required.

Last year’s Golden Globes red carpet made a bold political statement with the black dress initiative. This year had a tough act to follow, no matter how much tulle, spanx and hairspray our favorite stars had at their disposal. Nevertheless, the 2019 red carpet was full of looks that did not disappoint with a variety of colors and accessories for all of us to enjoy. With such an explosion of color and sparkle, it was quite the kick off to awards season. Is it time for the next red carpet event yet?!

A Big Night for Television and Fashion at the 70th Emmy Awards

Many consider the Emmy Awards the biggest night in television, with millions of people tuning in to the broadcast each year. This past Monday marked the Emmy’s 70th year. A-listers of the small screen were dressed to the nines after a weekend full of pre-parties. The looks were full of color along with a touch of fun but ultimately incredibly glamorous.

Between the great one-liners, celebrity cameos and glamour galore, there was certainly no end to the must-see moments from the show. Some of our favorites included the amazing accessories some of our favorite stars selected to complete their looks. The sparkle factor was definitely huge this year!

Mandy Moore had an incredible look for this year’s Emmys. Her bracelet alone made us stop in our tracks! If you are in the market for a show-stopping bangle, these two options could be just what you are after.

From their Classique collection, Alor’s stainless grey cable and diamond bangle is an eye-catcher and has just enough edge to it that when paired with the right outfit, can easily transition from day to night.

If you want something with a lot more sparkle the custom George Press bangle definitely delivers! The stunning design features three overlapping rows of 18karat white gold and 2.21cts of exquisite diamonds.

Many people could not take their eyes off of Rachel Brosnahan’s incredible hombre gown. For us, it was the earrings. With her hair swept up her earrings became quite the stand-out accessory.

You can give your lobes some love too with these diamond chandelier earrings. This simply breathtaking pair is made with 18karat yellow gold and 10.56cts of beautiful diamonds. When you wear them out on the town, follow Rachel’s lead. Wear your hair up and keep your neckline bare so you can really showcase these incredible earrings.

Penelope Cruz had a look that we just loved. We could not help but be drawn to the breathtaking necklace she was wearing.

In fact, we carry almost the exact same necklace in our store! With this around your neck, you will feel like a celebrity in no time. Designed by Gregg Ruth as part of the Asher Cut Collection, this beyond amazing piece of jewelry is made with 18karat white gold and 6.60cts of twinkling diamonds.

If you have your heart set on an Emmy look similar to Sydney Sweeney’s we have something that will make you go all “a flutter.”

Another custom George Press piece, the Heart Rivera necklace is a classic look with over 4.20cts of diamonds.

If playful jewelry is more your style, Samira Wiley definitely looked like she was having fun with her look on Monday night.

You can be grinning ear to ear too with these carefree earrings framing your smile. These Lady’s Rose 18karat tassel earrings are made with diamonds and pearls and will make you so happy you will feel if you won your very own Emmy.

Speaking of being happy and carefree, do you remember the days of bingeing on episodes of Felicity? As soon as we saw Kerri Russel that is all we could think about. Well, that and her amazing earrings.

Channel your still-strong love for Felicity and transport yourself back to 1999(ish) with these spectacular earrings by Doves. These lovelies are made with 18karat rose gold with over 2.30cts of white and cognac diamonds. You will radiate elegance the moment you put them on. After all, Felicity…we mean Keri Russel isn’t the only one that has grown up.

No matter which of your favorite celebrities you were hoping to see rock the red carpet, or which show you were rooting for to sweep the Emmys this year, it was without a doubt a great show that we could not wait to rehash on Tuesday morning. It was TV’s biggest party of 2018 and we definitely enjoyed being one of the guests. From the comfort of our couches and sweatpants of course.

Fashion’s Playground at the Teen Choice Awards

The grown-ups may have the Oscars and Golden Globes, but celebrities of all ages take fashion very seriously, with this year’s Teen Choice Awards being no exception. The red carpet may not have been full of ball gowns and tuxedos, but the who’s who of the young Hollywood starlets did not disappoint.

The night was full of eye-catching looks from sparkling shorts to glamorous glittering jumpsuits. Without a doubt, it was a night full of color and these bold outfit choices also included some jewelry looks that we could not get enough of.

Meghan Trainor accessorized her stunning midnight blue two-piece with simpler accessories to keep her look balanced. The next time you step out in a dramatic ensemble, make sure you follow Meghan’s lead and keep your jewelry simple for a polished look.

Red Carpet style

Image Source: Getty/Jon Kopaloff

Two great options for earrings – especially if you decide to wear your hair up – are these two pairs, both by Doves. The white tones will really pop if worn with a darker and/or bolder color.

Teen Choice Awards fashion

awards fashion

Both of these beauties are made with 18karat yellow gold, featuring mother of pearl and exquisite diamonds. You cannot go wrong with either option.

Another dramatic yet simple accessory for a bolder look is this amazing fashion ring by one of our favorite designers, Alor. Meghan kept her look balanced with one ring on each hand. If are looking for something special for your right hand (or left!), this lady’s Alor white gold ring is simple, yet eye catching. It is made with a white stainless steel and 18karat white gold cable from Alor’s Classique collection, featuring 0.08cts of round diamonds.

fashion at awards shows

One of today’s hottest singers, Bebe Rexha also choice a colorful two piece outfit with accessories more on the sparkly side (which we love).

teen choice fashion

Image source: Frazer Harrison/Getty

With her accessories, Bebe really embraced the layered look. And while the color of her ensemble is bold, she kept it monotone which helped her jewelry stand out.

If you tend to favor the layered look as well, this necklace by Honora could be a great option. It is made with 5.5-6MM potato white freshwater cultured pearl and onyx, set in sterling silver. The classic color combination makes it ideal with any outfit, and at 60” in length you can really play with how to wear it, giving you endless options.

red carpet styling

For a similar look, but with less layers, Honora has two other pearl necklaces at a shorter, 36” length. Both are made with sterling silver and feature 9-10MM baroque freshwater cultured pearls.

awards style

fashion styles at teen choice awards

Storm Reid, an up and coming actress, kept her look a little more on the casual side. We couldn’t help but notice her bracelet, which reminded us of another of Alor’s classic pieces, the cable cuff bracelet.

awards night fashion

Image Source: Getty / Steve Granitz

Also part of the Classique collection, the Lady’s Alor stainless cable cuff bracelets come in a variety of colors to match whatever outfit or mood you are in.

styles at teen choice awards

red carpet styles

red carpet fashion


This year’s Teen Choice Awards was a night filled with fashion fun. Our favorite young stars gave us some really great looks from head to painted toes. Whether it be on the big screen or the silver screen, we cannot see what these starlets have in store for us next.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for All of the Favorite Moms In Your Life

A mother’s love for her children is unlike anything in this world. It is a special kind of love that knows no boundaries. This Mother’s Day show that special woman in your life just how much you adore her with a special piece of jewelry that sparkles just as brightly as she does. 

Most Moms love a spa day – it gives them a chance to relax and unwind. Well, what would be better than a bracelet that can help them do the exact same thing, day after day? The Philip Stein line of watches and bracelets use Natural Frequency Technology to harness and channel frequencies that are beneficial to the human body, making wearers feel less stress, more energy and get better sleep. What mother wouldn’t love that?!

There is a wide variety of bracelets and watches for you to choose from, so no matter what style you are after, we can help you find the perfect one.  





For the mother of your children you can get creatively symbolic with your gift selection based on the number of kids you have. This Masai two strand yellow and white gold crossover bracelet could take on a whole new meaning for moms of two. Each strand could easily represent each one of her beloved babies. 


If you have three kids this Arrow necklace by Doves could be a great choice. Each of the three arrows – one for each child – is laid with round brilliant diamonds and 18karat gold.  


Another option would be this Marco Bicego Goa diamond ring that plays off of the number three as well. Available in 18karate white gold, this three row ring features diamond stations and a 0.19ct pave diamond bar. 


If you are looking for something with a lot more sparkle, this George Press original three row overlapping diamond bangle will take her breath away. This stunning piece is made with 18karat white gold featuring 2.21cts of diamonds. 


You also can’t go wrong with flowers, but we aren’t talking about the ones that grow in the ground…

She will love these George Press custom flower earrings. These little cuties are made with 18karat yellow gold with 0.90ct of round diamonds. 


For all the mothers and grandmothers that hold their families dear, there is no better or classic gift than a locket. These precious memory holders will keep loved ones close to their heart, no matter how physically far away they may be. 

Monica Rich Kosann has created two beautiful pieces, each with its own unique look to perfectly compliment the wearer. The oval locket is made with 18karat yellow gold. It features the time-tested hinge locket style with two image cases and an intricate floral pattern. 


The scroll gate locket is a little more playful and is inspired by a child peeking through an iron gate. Made with sterling silver, the two single image cases are finished in the signature floral pattern peeking out from behind a scroll gate set with white sapphires. 


Come in and visit us today. We would love to help you pick out the perfect gift to celebrate Mother’s Day as you honor the most important women in your life (and earn countless brownie points). 

Because remember – to the world she may just be a mother, but to you and your family she is the world. 


Celebrating National Jewels

Precious stones are one of nature’s ways of showing how incredibly beautiful it can be. Since the beginning of time people have been adorning themselves with gems and jewels to stand out and wow an audience. From necklaces to pendants and bracelets, precious stones have always been a favorite way for people to express themselves.

However, when we think of these precious stones, images of diamonds, rubies and emeralds always tend to come to mind. Well diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but there are so many gemstones that are rarer – and even more valuable.

National Jewel Day was March 13th, but don’t worry, you can still brush up on your precious stone knowledge, and perhaps treat yourself to something new to celebrate.

Here are a few options to consider:

Opal is a fairly common gemstone but Black Opals are a beautiful rarity. These stones are streaked with a rainbow of colors that radiate much brighter than opals of lighter or milky body tones. This vibrant “play of color” and the stone’s rareness are why this precious stone has such a high value.



It may be a different stone, but black pearls have a special kind of beauty all their own. These stones are also able to showcase multiple colors that may be less noticeable on the same stone with a lighter tone. Most commonly, black pearls have a gorgeous violet to green iridescence that makes them especially captivating.

Honora’s black mother of pearl earrings, necklace and ring all fully exhibit this beauty. Both the earrings and necklace are made with freshwater pearls as well for a stunning contrast.




Garnet is found in almost every color of the rainbow including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, pink and colorless. However it is the Blue Garnet that remains the rarest and most fascinating. What makes this stone so captivating is its unique ability to change color. In daylight, the gem is a soft blue-green but changes to a vivid purple under incandescent light. Now that is a piece of jewelry that can really take you from daytime to date night!



You will look absolutely stunning on your next big date night with these incredible garnet earrings. This riveting pair is made with 14 karat yellow gold with countless glimmering oval garnets.


Winning the title of rarest precious stone is Jadeite. While easily confused with jade, only jadite is considered a rare gem. Jadeite’s value is judged by the combination of the intensity of its green color and high degree of transparency.  At Christie’s in 1997, a jadeite necklace called the “Doubly Fortunate” set the highest price for a piece of jadeite jewelry sold at auction, selling for $9.3 million.



You can set some beauty records of your own with these agate and diamond earrings by Doves. The rich, green color is a nice nod to jadeite and will add some color to your look, complimented by 0.50 carats of black and white diamonds.


The term precious typically means something of great value, which in terms of gems is easiest to measure monetarily. However, every stone has a special quality about it, all its own – similar to the person wearing it. These gems may be considered the most precious, but we are George Press know that nothing can hold a candle to a piece’s sentimental value.

In honor National Jewel Day from this past month, come on by to celebrate and share your new knowledge with us!

February’s Birthstone Amethyst is a Royal Favorite

If the month of February has you wishing for warmer days, this month’s birthstone which is often associated with qualities of peace, courage and stability, is just the right gem for those needing a little extra warmth and strength this time of year. February’s Birthstone amethyst beauty will help make this month fly by in no time!

Amethyst is purple quartz, made from a beautiful blend of violet and red. Once considered more valuable than diamonds, amethyst can be found in every corner of the earth. The ancient Greeks believed that this gemstone held many powers, among them protection against intoxication.  In fact, the word Amethyst comes from the Greek word “amethystos,” meaning sober.

For many years, amethyst was held to be one of the most precious gemstones often favored by royalty who wore this intense violet hue. Amethyst has been found in ruins dating as far back as the ninth century, adorning crowns, scepters, jewelry, and breastplates worn into battle. Even today, a large amethyst is among the closely guarded gemstones in the British Crown Jewels.

It may not be a crown, but these spectacular earrings by Shoshana will definitely make you feel like royalty. Bold and elegant, these cannot-be-missed 14 karat yellow gold earrings feature vibrant rubies, pink sapphires, diamonds and of course amethysts.


Another famous royal who favored amethyst was Cleopatra. In fact, it is said that the signet ring she wore was an amethyst. You can feel like a Greek goddess as well with a stunning amethyst ring of your very own.

On the day you step out with this stunner on your finger, heads will definitely turn in your direction. Made by Bulgari, this ring is made with 8 karat yellow gold with a beautiful amethyst stone in a unique setting.


Another breathtaking option is this ring by Doves. Beautiful amethyst is coupled with pink mother of pearl creating an original and alluring shade of purple, surrounded by 0.34cts of diamonds.

Do you feel like a modern day Cleopatra yet?


If you are still on the hunt for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift, amethyst can be an unexpected yet very appropriate choice. Amethyst is said to be the stone of Saint Valentine, who wore an amethyst engraved with the figure of his assistant, Cupid.

Your favorite valentine will look at you with love in her eyes when she sees these Murano multi-stone earrings by Marco Bicego. Each pair is hand engraved with 18 karat yellow gold to beautifully showcase rhodolite garnet and amethyst gems.


And did we mention there is a matching ring as well?


And speaking of the power of love, if you are celebrating an anniversary this month amethyst is an ideal gem to choose. It is believed that the gift of amethyst strengthens the bond in a love relationship.

Nothing will say “I love you” while giving your anniversary some extra sparkle more elegantly than this multi-stone and diamond bracelet by Shoshana. You can make it an anniversary to remember with this 18 karat while gold bracelet made with pink amethyst, green amethyst, citrine and blue topaz, framed by 1.17cts of round diamonds.


The legends and lore associated with this month’s birthstone are as deep as the color itself. However, whether or not amethyst holds such power, it’s stunning beauty will certainly make anyone celebrating something special this month – or anyone who just loves beautiful jewelry – feel like royalty!

Bringing the Party with Cocktail Rings

Have you ever wondered how cocktail rings got their name? During Prohibition, a celebratory cocktail was about as big a status symbol as anything you could wear. It was vital that everyone noticed your illicit beverage, so women took to wearing bigger-than-life rings to complement their cocktail of choice. With such an impressive history and can’t-be-missed allure, colorful cocktail rings are the perfect accessory for any occasion you have on your agenda.

Traditionally a cocktail ring is larger and chunkier than most rings, with a very big center stone and bold, edgy vibe. Oftentimes, these rings are seen as an expression of individual style but it can be tricky with so many options out there.

If you have long, slender fingers, any kind of cocktail ring would work well. You lucky gal! Get the (cocktail) party started with this incredible rose gold lapis ring by Doves. This stunner is made with 18karat rose gold with a lapis base white mother of pearl middle, and light amethyst on top. Surrounded by diamonds it is checkerboard cut and from the Viola collection.


Another fun choice by Doves would be this 18karat white turquoise and diamond fashion ring. The design features one cushion white topaz over a turquoise gem, both encircle with round white diamonds.


You can also wear cocktail rings with wider bands, as these tend to accentuate the length of your fingers. Add some serious shine to your outfits with either of these Shoshana diamond rings.

Our multicolored ring will match any cocktail (or dress) of choice with 5.81cts of sparkling, multicolor and multishaped diamonds.


For something a little more understated (but still stunning), this 18 karat yellow gold flower ring features 1.17cts of various shaped diamonds.


If your fingers are more on the shorter side, you should pick cocktail rings with smaller stones and thin to medium-sized bands. If you prefer a ring with a center stone, choose ones with stones in these cuts — marquise, oval, and pear.

Any of the rings from our Jaipur Collection would work beautifully. Each are made with 18K yellow gold and come in a variety of colors such as light or deep purple amethyst, blue topaz or red garnet.


For something a little bolder, you may want to try this elegant 18karat yellow gold ring by Marco Bicego with a dark aquamarine center stone.


To make wider fingers look more slender, opt for cocktail ring with large center stones. Our Shoshana line once again has some great choices for you depending on your mood or event.

This multistone ring features garnets and green quartz accented by diamonds.


Or if you are feeling a little spicy there is this 18karat white gold beauty. It is set with a Mexican Fire Opal center stone surrounded by 1.41cts of fine white and black round diamonds.


If your outfit needs even more bite, make a bold statement with this 18karat white gold smoky quartz and garnet ring with 1.92cts of accent diamonds.


Cocktail rings with smaller center stones or those with no center stone at all are perfect for the ladies with thin fingers. Wearing rings with huge center stones give the illusion of making fingers look slimmer, so this is the type you shouldn’t wear. As for the width of the ring, choose bands that are not too thin and are not too wide.

This unexpected piece will add some excitement to whatever you are wearing. Our Shoshana moonstone and diamond right is made with 18karat rose gold and 5.10cts of moonstone with 0.58cts of round diamonds.


If this ring doesn’t strike your fancy, another from the Shoshana collection just might. This little lady features a stunning 1.00ct champagne diamond and 1.01cts of fine diamonds. What could possibly look better on your hand as you enjoy a flute of cold champagne?


Regardless of what type of fingers you may have, a universal “rule” for cocktail rings is that the ring chosen should not extend past the bottom of the knuckle to avoid overwhelming the hand. And speaking of hands, it is important to remember that a cocktail ring draws attention to the wearer’s hand. So, use it as an excuse to treat yourself to a manicure (as if you needed one). Happy cocktailing!

Splashes of Color and Sparkle at the Golden Globes

Welcome to Awards Season! This past Sunday kicked it off with the 75th Golden Globes, and although this red carpet has historically been one worth looking forward to with incredible fashion being the norm, the 2018 ceremony was highly anticipated in a different way.

Most of Hollywood’s stars came together to support the black dress initiative to protest against sexual harassment, and skipped out on all the glamour and risky designs for looks more muted in tone. And while every single dress on this year’s Golden Globes red carpet will go down in history, we are happy to report that there were some amazing jewelry moments that could rival the dresses.


(Image by Frederick M. Brown and from Glamour)


(Image by Getty/Frazer Harrison and from PopSugar)

Alison Brie and Viola Davis showed off their low-cut sweetheart necklines with incredible diamond necklaces that did not lack in sparkle. You can do the same with this stunning and delicate antique necklace featuring 9.5cts of diamonds. In fact, with this around your neck no one will even think to notice the rest of your outfit!


Sweetheart necklines weren’t the only ones getting some extra sparkle on the red carpet. Both Kate Hudson and Issa Rae played up their plunging necklines with some dramatic choices.


(Image by Getty/Frazer Harrison and from E Online)


(Image by Steve Granitz/WireImage and from E Online)

To channel your inner Kate Hudson this one of a kind diamond necklace by George Press will give you just the right amount of sparkle. Made with 2.83cts of diamonds, you will feel like red carpet royalty as soon as this show-stopper is around your neck.


For some shine with a splash of eye-catching color similar to Issa Rae’s look, Doves has you covered with a white topaz and amazonite necklace. This 18 karat beauty features an oval shaped white topaz over amazonite with round tsavorite garnets outlining the left and right sides of the oval, and wrapped with round diamonds. It is a highly detailed piece that you cannot help but fall in love with.


Speaking of eye-catching color, did you see the incredible emerald earrings Zoe Kravitz wore?They were definitely hard to miss and made many fashionistas stand up and take notice.


(Image by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP and from E Online)

These agate and diamond earrings by Doves will give your outfit the same kind of oomph by adding some unexpected color. The pair feature 18 karate white gold green agate illuminated by 0.50cts of black and white diamonds.


In a sea of muted tones, Mandy Moore also chose to add some color to her look with some fiery jewelry that coordinated perfectly with her dress.


(Image by Getty/Frazer Harrison and from PopSugar)

With a variety of options in our exclusive Shoshana line, you can do the same. For a softer, yet similar look to Mandy Moore’s, you can pair these tourmaline and aqua earrings with this multi stone and diamond bracelet. The exquisite bracelet is made with pink amethyst, green amethyst, citrine and blue topaz, framed by 1.17cts of round diamonds.



Or if you want to take the look up a notch, you can wear these bold and elegant earrings. A statement all in itself, these stunners are made with 18 karat yellow gold with vibrant rubies, pink sapphires, amethysts and diamonds.


Attention all of you hazel-eyed gals out there! You will have a totally new found appreciation for your eye color after you see the piece that Greta Gerwig, one of the big winners of the night, opted to accessorize her one-shoulder gown with. Check out how gorgeous her eyes look. The bright lights of the red carpet transformed her metallic necklace into something magical.


(Image by Getty/Frazer Harrison and from PopSugar)

Marco Bicego can make your hazel eyes look magical as well with a necklace from their Lunaria collection. This one is made with 18 karat yellow gold, and can play off the light in any room just right.


With a very different set of expectations going into this year’s Golden Globes, there is no disputing that the most talked about fashion trend will be the dominance of black dresses. However, in this sea of black there was no denying the incredible jewelry that still sparkled during the red carpet and acceptance speeches. These add-ons made even the most classic black dress a bold look to remember.

Heirlooms: Pieces of Jewelry that Stand the Test of Time

What makes a pieces of jewelry heirlooms? Value, quality and beauty are all important factors to be considered. However, for most, it is the stories behind the pieces. Sometimes they are stories of love, dreams, accomplishments, and perhaps even loss. If you already have a family heirloom, there is no doubt that you treasure it. The piece is most likely associated with fond memories of the person who owned it before you, and you have probably already thought about who in your family you will one day pass it on to.

1(Image source)

An example of a famous heirloom is the engagement ring that Prince William used to propose to Kate Middleton. The diamond and sapphire ring was previously worn by William’s late mother, Princess Diana in 1981.

If you don’t have a family heirloom, there is no reason that you cannot create one. Jewelry makes the perfect choice and if chosen wisely, a quality piece of jewelry can be worn, enjoyed and cherished forever. One tip is to select a piece that is more timeless vs trendy so it can be worn across generations. Some good choices include diamonds, gold or platinum rings, pearls or charms.

If you are inspired by royal style, one option is this Gregg Ruth diamond and sapphire antique cluster ring. Made with 18 karat white gold, this sparkler features 0.28cts of diamonds and 0.79cts of sapphire.


There is something very classic and timeless about pearls. Imagine your daughter or granddaughter – and then her daughter or granddaughter – getting her diploma or walking down the aisle in these incredible mother of pearl earrings by Doves. Surrounded by 0.21cts of diamonds with 18 karats of yellow gold, these simple treasures can forever be a part of countless memories.


A necklace is also a stunning choice for an heirloom. This one by Doves is made with 18 karat white gold featuring a deep rich green agate and almost 0.50cts of sparkling diamonds. An eye-catching piece like this would definitely spark some conversation, to be the part of great stories to tell over and over again.


Another option is to create a custom piece, or even use jewelry that you already own to create multiple heirlooms for your family. Many of our customers prefer to custom design their jewelry, therefore truly creating one-of-a-kind pieces. We love bringing your visions to life.

You can create an entirely new piece, or restyle an heirloom that has become out-of-date. Regardless of what you choose to do, our jewelers will make the process an enjoyable experience you will never forget. All of our custom work is done right in our Livingston store.

The process of creating your custom piece of jewelry is as exciting as the beautiful finished product. We work closely with you to put your ideas and inspiration to paper or computer, then our skilled jewelers can either hand carve a wax model or create a computerized model with CAD technology. Following your approval, one of our highly trained goldsmiths will cast the piece and spend many days hand setting the gems and perfecting the finish.

Every step is more exciting than the last, and each piece is a labor of love. The time and care given to our custom process is reflected in every finished piece for several generations to enjoy.

An heirloom is a classic and beautiful way to create long lasting traditions, or honor the memories of generations past. We look forward to helping you create pieces unique to your family, or to select something new. Regardless of which decision you make, either will serve as a wonderful way to link the past to both the present and the future.

Deck the Halls with Hanging Earrings this Holiday Party Season

The holiday season is officially upon us, and we are sure that your calendar is already overflowing with fun-filled parties and get-togethers with your family and friends. With so much merriment to be had, a great way to add some color and shine to your holiday outfits is with the right pair of earrings.

Hanging earrings can offer a feminine yet beautiful accessory to your outfit, turning a simple ensemble into a luxurious one. These earrings can come in a variety of styles, making them a flexible option no matter what your taste or the specific look you are aiming for. However, with so many choices, it can get tricky. Here are some helpful tips to get your look party ready.

If your face is round, you can make it appear slimmer by wearing longer earrings. It will draw attention to your neck and shoulders, while elongating your face. These yellow gold diamond satin earrings by Doves would glam up your favorite blouse in no time. From the Diamond Fashion collection, these beauties come in 18 karat yellow gold, and are outlined in brilliant diamonds.
doves yellow gold diamond sating earrings

Another golden choice could be these Shoshana morganite and diamond drop earrings. This elegant 18 karat rose gold pair features 4.30cts of pear shaped morganites and 0.15cts of round diamonds to make any potential holiday outfit sparkle.

shoshana morganite and diamond drop earrings

If you are looking for something that brings a little more color to the party, either of these options by Doves would work beautifully. Both pairs feature 18 karat white gold with over 0.50cts of diamonds and either deep green agate or brilliant blue turquoise stones.

doves agate and diamond earrings


doves turquoise and diamond earrings

For something with even more color to bring attention your favorite little black dress, why not these gorgeous Murano multistone drop earrings by Marco Bicego. You can make quite a statement – and compliment the bright stilettos you have in your closet – with these. Each pair showcases 18 karat hand engraved yellow gold with mixed semi-precious stones.

marco bicego murano multistone drop earrings

If you have a longer face, wearing broader earrings can create the illusion of a fuller shape by balancing it out.

Keeping with the winter spirit, these Siviglia Drop earrings by Marco Bicego will make it appear as if you have golden snowflakes framing your gorgeous face. Made with 18 karat hand engraved yellow gold, they are simply breathtaking.

marco bicego siviglia drop earrings

Another choice by Marco Bicego are these lovely Il Cairo earrings. You will definitely turn some heads during cocktail hour, or any hour, with these 18 karat white and yellow gold open drop earrings with 0.23cts of diamonds.

marco bicego cairo earrings

If you are looking to end the year on a bolder note, these exquisite diamond earrings by Doves will rival the sparkle of the ball in Times Square. Featuring over 2.30 carts of white and cognac diamonds, these 18 karat rose gold earrings radiate elegance, but aren’t afraid to shine. Just like you.

doves diamond earrings

Simple or bold, multi-colored gems or precious metal, the right pair of hanging earrings can give any festive holiday outfit in your closet some added cheer this season.

Best wishes from all of us at George Press for a happy and healthy holiday, and a fun-filled New Year.

Here for the Holidays – A George Press Holiday Gift Guide

All of the turkey has been enjoyed, and all of the leftovers are gone. It is now time to shift gears and start making your holiday gift guide list. If you still have a few people (or all of them!) left on your list, do not worry. George Press is here to give you the extra idea inspiration you need for the special people in your life.

For the person that is always on the go, how about giving them the gift of never having to worry about what day or time it is. Sure, your phone may have that information but isn’t it easier—and more elegant—to look at your wrist? We have a variety of watches to choose from, each of which will stand the test of time (pun intended).

One of our most popular watches is an estate piece. This fan-favorite watch is a Rolex Two Tone Submariner with a Blue Dial and Bezel.


Another option is a watch or bracelet from Philip Stein. This unique gift is one that the busiest person in your life didn’t even know they needed. All of their products contain a specialized Natural Frequency Technology. Each one acts like an antenna that is finely tuned to pick up and channel the beneficial natural frequencies that surround us, toward our bodies. In doing so, it helps bring the wearer back to a state where they can perform and live at their best. Can you imagine giving someone the gift of better sleep, less stress and/or more energy?



If you are looking for something more classic, a Swiss Army watch is always a trusted choice. We have a wide variety of styles for both men and women that can take you to the boardroom, the ballroom, or the golf course. All Swiss Army watches purchased at George Press are eligible for the manufacturer’s three-year limited warranty, which covers defects to the hands, dial and movement.



If you have some friends or family that are on your very nice list, a diamond watch is always a bright idea. For her we suggest this Valentina diamond and sapphire watch by Bertolucci. Water resistant up to 100 feet, this timepiece is finished with 0.61 carats of diamonds and 0.07 carats of pink sapphires.


And speaking of bright ideas, colored gems are always a good gift choice. Whether it’s a birthstone or simply a signature hue, colored jewelry always makes a statement, firing up any wardrobe. According to Forbes, vibrant colored jewels have also been rock stars at auction lately, meaning today’s glittering gift could be tomorrow’s brilliant investment.

A few possibilities to consider are the Doves pieces from their London Blue collection. The bracelet is an 18K gold white gold bangle with a triangle of diamonds facing the topaz, while the earrings feature topazes surrounded by white diamonds. Whether you’re looking for a bracelet or earrings, these pieces feature a topaz stone that’s as “blue as the Union Jack” and is sure to delight the lucky recipient.

B8073LBT E8030LBTIf your prefect person is pint-sized, we can help with that too! From their first set of pearls, to a pendant featuring their initial, we have some adorable options.


Rose Gold Diamond "B" Initial Pendant

Of course it is important to remember the men in your life: a husband, father, grandfather or son. They may not always get the presents filled with glitz and glam, but they of course deserve only the best as well.

A pair of cufflinks by Alor is always a safe bet. Each of their pieces offers a sophisticated style, contemporary design and an ease of wear created for a luxurious, yet everyday lifestyle. You can find styles that are classically strong, alluringly bold and distinctly individual.01-12-0002-52

Picking out the perfect gift for each of our loved ones during the holiday season can sometimes be a tricky task. They don’t always have to be grandest of gestures, but it is important that it they know is extra special, and just for them. We know that while some friends and family members are a breeze to shop for, there are the exceptions that make gift giving more like a treasure hunt. No matter how long your holiday list may be, we hope that our gift guide has given you some inspiration to find these “hidden treasures.”

Happy Holidays from all of us to all of you.

Enjoy a Feel Good December with Three Beautiful Blue Jewels

If you are looking for a way to fight off the winter blues, the December birthstones have you covered: tanzanite, zircon and turquoise – all of which are best known for beautiful shades of blue. These gems range from the oldest on earth (zircon), to one of the first mined and used in jewelry (turquoise), to one of the most recently discovered (tanzanite). While turquoise is the most common birthstone for December, no matter what gem you pick the generally accepted birthstone color for this month is light blue. Let’s imagine the possibilities, shall we?

Admired since ancient times, turquoise is known for its distinct color, which ranges from powdery blue to greenish robin’s egg blue. It is one of the few gems that is named for its striking color, and is considered to be a symbol of good fortune and success, bringing prosperity to its wearer. No wonder it has remained so popular throughout time!

If you are celebrating a birthday this month, you should treat yourself to your very own piece of good fortune with these turquoise and diamond earrings by Doves. These 18 karat white gold beauties will brighten your day with brilliant turquoise stones and over 0.50cts of diamonds.


Speaking of brightness, a more unknown turquoise history fact is that the brightness of the color is supposed to be the symbol for happiness, and is believed to increase a person’s self-confidence. No one will be able to resist smiling when they see you wearing this adorable poodle brooch. The perfect birthday or holiday gift for any dog lover, this 18 karat gold piece has cabochon turquoise and ruby details that would make anyone feel good.


Or you can add a splash of color to your (or someone else’s) day with this stunning turquoise and sapphire ring by Shoshana. Either choice is a feel-good one.


However, if you decide to break away from the “traditional” turquoise stone, and celebrate December with the color light blue, Belle Toile has created an incredible set as part of their Destiny Collection.

Belle Étoile_Destiny_Blue_Earrings_03-01-13-1-03-03

Belle Étoile_Destiny_Blue_Ring_01-01-13-1-03-03

Cascades of brilliant blue shine throughout each of these three pieces. You can express your confidence (a nod to what turquoise symbolizes) with a trio of rich, exquisite stones set in a flowing style. The Destiny pendant, necklace and ring each feature sparkling and radiant blue and green stones set into rhodium-plated, nickel allergy-free, 925 sterling silver.

Another light blue choice is this blue leather and pearl bracelet by Honora, made with sterling silver featuring a delicate yet eye-catching blue stone section.


Regardless of whether you decide to keep with traditional turquoise or go outside the box and explore a different light blue gem, the December birthstone provides you with many options to match your true blue desires, in any style you choose.

Keep on smiling December babies!

Labor Day – A Last Hurrah for Summer!

September 4th signals the end of summer with a celebration of America’s workforce – Labor Day. Although the very first Labor Day actually took place on a Tuesday in 1882, the first Monday in September has been its official designation since 1884. It is a historically significant recognition of the labor movement, and honors the contributions workers have made to our country’s success.

Now some of us will be hitting the sales that seem to spring up for every occasion these days. But many of us will be saying goodbye to summer with a bon voyage celebration of some sort. Festive parties, picnics and parades, decked in red, white and blue. Or one last chance to wear white without wondering if it’s okay. (It is.)

On that note we have chosen some pieces that capture this party perfect mood. Pieces that say summer is forever, because sometimes denial is the only way to go.

Bring Your Own Sunshine

This perennially cheerful Yellow Cable Bracelet from Alor is just the ticket for Labor Day, and beyond. Sunny and golden, with a nautical tinge, from the Classique collection, it is just that, classic. Yellow cable, 18 karat white gold and diamonds combine to light up the room like a radiant nimbus. Don’t put up a tent in case of rain, just wear this!

Lady's Alor Yellow Cable Bracelet

White After Labor Day

Wearing white after Labor Day is supposed to be okay now. Not a fashion faux pas at all. Or so they say. But some of us will continue to be uncomfortable in our flowy white dresses after September is underway. Thankfully, Marco Bicego has sent us an elegant solution to this quandary.

George Press Jewelers features Marco Bicego's Yellow Gold Mother of Pearl Earrings

These Yellow Gold Mother of Pearl Earrings from the Lunaria collection are just the trick! Set in 18 karat yellow gold, luminescent mother of pearl drops glow equally by day or night. As perfect with a chic suit in the fall, a silk holiday dress in winter, or jeans in the spring, as they are with your Labor Day finest. You will be drawn back to these soft, smooth earrings again and again.

A Summer Place


Did you make precious memories this summer? We hope so! What better place to store them, than in this Lacy Locket Necklace from Monica Rich Kosann. In 18 karat yellow gold, this elegant locket holds three photos and has diamond accents. Keep your special treasures close at hand and heart. Summers are fleeting, but lockets are forever!

The Squeaky Wheel


Its Labor Day, and boy have you labored! Whether you’ve been employed outside the home or working away as a mother or wife, the “fun” just never stops. Whatever we put our minds and bodies to, it’s surely work of some sort. Business demands, hostessing, running after little ones, chauffeuring, organizing, etc., etc., an ice cream cone just isn’t gonna cut it this year. We want more! Unionize and negotiate your demands. Start high. We suggest beginning with this amazing Asher Diamond Bangle from Gregg Ruth! With 3.28cts of Asher cut diamonds set in 18 karat white gold, it will meet all your requirements. After all, to the squeaky wheel goes the grease!

The End of Summer Blues

White Gold Blue Topaz Earrings

If you were going to write a blues song about the end of summer, how would it go? BAH da da da  DUM…went down to the seashore, Chablis in my hand, sat down in a lounge chair…spilled it all in the sand!!! So sad. Yes, the end of summer is a sad, sad, time. But take comfort. You’re not the only one that’s blue, we are all just barely keeping our tears to ourselves.

We say, wear your blues proudly! Yes, summer is over, but we will find solace in the rest of the year. We can also find solace in these White Gold Blue Topaz Earrings from Dove’s London Blue Collection. Sultry, smoky London Blue adds sophistication and poise to these square drop earrings outlined in diamonds. You will hold your head high in these, as you master your emotions and raise a farewell toast to Summer 2017.

Labor Day, a celebration of American workers that just happens to come at a very poignant time of year. It’s a mix of pride, patriotism and emotion, as we return to business as usual. Take comfort in knowing that eventually the year will wind its way around to summer again. Cheers!

Taking to the Runway at the Teen Choice Awards

All eyes were on the youth of our nation at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards at Los Angeles’ Galen Center on August 13, 2017.  Of course, at George Press, our eyes were on the necks, ears, fingers and wrists of said youth, looking to spot jewelry trends in the making.

So, what did we find?  Well, it appears that most of the dressed-up attendees were pretty much keeping up with their elders and rocking the trends we have been reporting in our blog this year.  Over all, rings were smaller and less statement-y, but still worn in multiples on both hands (Rita Ora, Vanessa Hudgens, and Bella Thorne among others.) Similarly, statement necklaces were not a big presence, either.

Lots of attention went to the ears.  There we spotted big hoops and plenty of long danglers and skinny drops. Singer/actress Rita Ora and singer Bebe Rexha wore large diamond hoops, while Disney Channel star Peyton List rocked an oversized pair of thick, gold hoops. Naya Rivera, who portrays Santana on the hit show “Glee” wore just one large hoop with a suspended orb and chain links, while adorning her other ear with multiple studs.

We love these Lady’s Alor White Stainless Chandelier Earrings as a hoop variation.  White Stainless steel and black cables combine to form graduated hooplets accented by round diamonds.  Sexy and youthful, your teenage daughter will be fighting you for them!


Long dangly earrings also had their cheering section. Celebrity dancer Maddie Ziegler of “Dance Moms” wore long earrings, as did “Supergirl” Melissa Benoist. Actress/model Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson, wore asymmetrical danglers paired with studs and small hoops. Swedish singer Zara Larsson’s super extended silvery danglers really made an impact, too.

Doves knows how to dangle, all right. These Doves Yellow Gold Diamond Satin Earrings have all the feels. So sophisticated, they combine classic beauty and what’s hot right now for a timeless appeal. The satin finished 18 karat yellow gold sets off the brilliant diamonds to bring all eyes to you. Bravo!

Yellow Gold Diamond Satin Earrings

We also spotted several pairs of skinny drops, with classic pearl drops worn by Yara Shahidi, who plays Zoey on “Black-ish,” and diamond drops courtesy of Nia Sioux, also of “Dance Moms” fame.

These Gregg Ruth Diamond Drop Earrings are also runway worthy. Set in 18 karat white gold with 1.43cts of diamonds, the paparazzi will be asking “Who is she?” as they snap away!

Gregg Ruth Diamond Earrings

All in all, we thought most of the looks were very charming, with a definite fashion sense and attention to detail. Jewelry was soft and flattering, and delicate necklaces were also much in evidence. Some retro styles took a turn at the runway, with denim, jumpsuits and even dressy “jogging” clothes making unexpected appearances. Kudos to the Teen Choice Awards winners and nominees for showing us their flair and fashion sense. Once again, you didn’t disappoint!

Thoroughly Modern Hoops

It’s true, hoop earrings are back in fashion. Honestly, they never really left, but fashion divas and celebrities have been wearing large, dramatic hoops at red carpet events for maximum style points.

Hoops have evolved though, and while oversized simple gold hoops have been making a comeback, we no longer have to limit ourselves to basic hoopdom. Today’s fashionista has options!

Pearls with an Edge



Honora steps outside of its comfort zone with this edgy offering of White Round Ringed Hoop Earrings.  The sterling silver settings feature a small hoop that cradles the ear lobe, surrounded by a larger hoop with a modern, industrial vibe.  Add a traditionally elegant freshwater cultured pearl, and you’ve got earrings that make an iconoclastic statement about today’s fashion sensibilities.

Drop the Diamonds



If you’ve been following our blog, then you know how popular drop earrings are. Today’s lineup has statement drops, skinny drops and yes, dropped hoops too! Add a selection of white, cognac and black diamonds set in beautiful 18 karat rose gold and these versatile Doves Diamond Hoops really take off!

E Pluribus Unum


Out of many, one. It may be America’s motto, but it also applies to this great pair of hoop earrings from Alor. A combination of stainless steel nautical cables combines to twist your conception of what hoop earrings are all about. We love the way the cables fan out at the bottom to create a new and interesting profile. They are sure to become your go-to hoops for all types of events.

Part of being a fashionista is being able to take the tried and true and make it new and exciting.  All of these hoop selections have done just that! No matter which one you choose, you can’t help but be at the forefront of the modern hoop scene. You’re a style maven, and we are so proud of you!

Making Fashion Statements at the 2017 BET Awards!

When it comes to outrageous fashion and pushing the boundaries, the Black Entertainment  Television Awards never disappoint.  The 2017 Awards were held on June 25th at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, where it was men versus women in a fierce battle for center stage. The men were in full plumage, rocking amazing suits in great fabrics and jewelry worth a king’s ransom.  Kanye West stole the most incredible jewelry award by wearing an enormous 24 karat gold double pyramid ring and a 24 karat medallion necklace featuring a huge pendant of the head of Horus that looked like it came out of a Pharaoh’s tomb.

The women pushed back fiercely with lots of sheerly-clad nudity, high slits and colorful fabrics, especially Lil’ Kim and Blac Chyna, to name a few.  But when WE watch the BETs, we aren’t really looking at the clothing, we’re looking at the jewelry. The fashion-forward BETs are a great place to spot jewelry trends and new adaptations of old favorites.  This year, we’d have to say that most of the women’s jewelry was pretty traditional and still maintaining the trends of last year.

Stack ’em and Rack ’em

Multiple rings were in heavy evidence on the red carpet, whether stacked or simply distributed among the fingers. Most of the jewelry featured diamonds, of course, but some of the rings were delicate, and others were more prominent. We love this look from Marco Bicego for accomplishing both looks at once.  The Jaipur Link Ring is crafted in 18 karat white and yellow gold with 0.26cts of diamonds.  The perfect “stack” in one chic package.


 Off the Cuff

Many of the ladies were also seen wearing cuffs and bangles and Queen Latifah even went so far as to sport a matching pair of open front cuffs Wonder Woman style with her off-the-shoulder black gown.  Pair up a couple of these Alor Lady’s White Stainless Steel Bangles in 18 karat white gold, stainless steel and diamonds for the perfect pair of power bracelets.  Then think about what you want your super heroine name to be!

Lady’s Alor White Stainless Bangle Bracelet

Also we would be remiss if we failed to mention numerous sightings of diamond “tennis” bracelets. These classic creations never go out of style, and if you don’t have one, you really should consider getting one, or adding another!

 Creating Hoop-La!

Of course, many of the other celebs wore statement earrings of one kind or another. Some opted for gigantic hoop earrings, but most favored diamond creations, often with a drop or dangle.  These Doves Diamond Hoop Earrings create a great impression wherever they go, in 18 karat rose gold with 1.85cts of white cognac and black diamonds.  The colored diamonds make them multi-functional, as easy to pair with jeans and business wear as with a stunning evening gown.  Put them on and give yourself an award…for great taste!


One thing we always take from the BET Awards is that we should strive harder to put a little more glamour into our own lives.  These performers let it all hang out, some quite literally, and while that may not be your thing, a little sparkle and bling can never hurt. Always entertaining, always innovative, we like to think that the BET’s don’t have a monopoly on that!


Going for the Gold – A Pot of Spring Treasure

Most of you know that St. Patrick’s Day was Friday, but last week’s heavy snowfall may have made you forget that Monday, March 20, is officially the first day of Spring.  It’s hard to remember that, when you still have snow on your lawn and the unpredictable March forecast is hinting about yet another winter storm.  But before you know it, the crocuses will be up, and the robins will return to usher in yet another year of rebirth and renewal.

This is also a time of year when the warm glow of yellow gold has a special sun-like appeal. It reminds us that soon we can put away our sweaters and take out our sandals, and romp and relax on bright, sunny days. Let us show you what we mean.

Steam Heat

It’s hard to be chilly when you look upon the sunburst effect of this Alor Kai Coil Diamond Bangle. The 18K white and yellow gold and stainless steel coil bangle heats things up like a radiator! Diamond accents only serve to increase its radiance.  This is a gorgeous bracelet for all seasons, especially spring and summer. Wear it with your favorite maxi dress or poolside in your swimsuit.  Its luxe and refined, just like you!

This gold Alor coil bangle is perfect for this Saint Patrick's Day

The Midas Touch

Need more persuasion?  How about this Marco Bicego Marrakech Gold Necklace?  Marco is the King Midas of jewelry, turning everything he touches into fine, glowing gold.  This necklace is formed from hand-hammered and twisted strands of 18K gold using Marco’s signature “corda di chitarra” method. In a necklace like this, you should be wandering the Medina looking for your riad, or basking on a lounge in Isla Mujeres waiting for your frozen margarita.

Marco Bicego's gold necklace is a perfect piece for Saint Patrick's Day

Spring Posies

What could be more spring-like than sunny golden flowers wearing diamonds like drops of dew? These George Press Flower Earrings are just the thing for spring celebrations! Easter, Mother’s Day, birthdays or just thinking of that special lady, these custom-made 18K yellow gold flower earrings with 0.90cts of diamonds are fresh and adorable.  Suitable for daytime as well as evening, they make the perfect bouquet!

These custom George Press gold flower earrings are one of the many gold pieces at George Press Jewelers

Bangle Brigade

Before we go, we really should mention this Pave Diamond Bangle from Doves. Its timeless styling and around the clock wearability make it a real contender for your favorite piece of jewelry. Designed in 18K yellow gold with 0.38cts of diamonds, it hits all the right notes in this season of bangles, bangles, and more bangles.

Doves Gold Bangle is a good addition to your gold jewelry.

Now don’t you feel warmer?  We do!  Why wait for the thermometer to rise when you can just turn up the heat with a golden treat. Let it be your spring ritual to heat things up by wearing sunny yellow gold jewelry, even if spring is moving a little too slowly for your taste.  Who knows, maybe Mother Nature will get the message and we will all have you to thank!


Moonlight Shines Over La La Land – Oscars Jewelry Lights Up the Night

Celebrities are not known for their subtlety, generally speaking, and this year’s Oscars were no exception.  Ruth Negga showed up with a ruby “crown” and earrings to complement her red Valentino gown. Charlize Theron wore diamond Chopard doorknockers on her ears, (they would have crushed a lesser woman.) Even Jennifer Aniston amped it up with 100ct emerald cut graduated diamond earrings worth $9.5 million.

Alas, most of us were not invited to the Oscars this year.  We, unfortunately, had a previous engagement and could not attend. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t occasionally have “Oscars” in our own lives. Maybe it’s an important gallery opening or corporate event.  Or maybe it’s a special wedding, your own – or someone you love very much.  There are always excuses to glam things up a bit and we are here to help!

Bling Around the Collar

As we’ve been saying, colored stones are making a strong comeback and so are collar length diamond necklaces.  This Antique Diamond and Sapphire Necklace combines the best of both worlds, in a charming vintage setting that is also the height of fashion. You can’t beat 11.63cts of round diamonds and 4.50cts of beautiful blue sapphires set in platinum for star power!

Oscars jewelry resembles George Press Antique Diamond and Sapphire Necklace

Or, for the diamond purist, how about this Asher Fancy Link Diamond Necklace from Gregg Ruth? This 18 karat white gold necklace features 6.60cts of sparkling diamonds for your wearing pleasure.  Stunning, just stunning!

The Asher Fancy Link Diamond Necklace from Gregg Ruth resembles jewelry from the Oscars

Bangles and Cuffs

Bangles and cuffs continued to rock the red carpet too. Priyanka Chopka wore elegant platinum and diamond cuffs on each wrist and the effect was sensational with her sleeveless, geometric dress. Halle Berry stacked diamond bangles with her own sleeveless, body-hugging gown.  The nicest thing about this look is that it can be worn with so many different types of outfits.  Stack diamond bangles with your jeans and a favorite shirt, wear them to the office or on an evening out.  You never have to take them off!  We have so many different diamond bangles to choose from.  You can create your own unique combinations.

A Flex Forte Bezel Diamond Dust Bangle makes a great starter in 18K white gold with round diamonds.

The Flex Forte Bezel Diamond Dust Bangle from George Press Jewelers resembles jewelry from the Oscars

Add another, like this Lady’s Alor Stainless Bracelet …

The Lady’s Alor Stainless Bracelet from George Press Jewelers resembles jewelry from the Oscars

Or this Doves 18K White Gold Diamond Bangle. Or both!

The Doves 18K White Gold Diamond Bangle from George Press Jewelers resembles jewelry from the Oscars

If you want a more cuff-like look, try this George Press Three Row Overlapping Diamond Bangle in 18K white gold with 2.21cts of shimmering diamonds.  Imagine how gorgeous it would look to put one on each wrist! Mind…Blown!

This George Press Three Row Overlapping Diamond Bangle is a custom piece from George Press Jewelers that looks like jewelry from the Oscars

Of course, there were plenty of spectacular earrings at the Oscars too, long danglers and ear climbers and all of the trends we have been discussing here in our blog.  We hope you’ve had the opportunity to wear some of these looks. Remember, you are the star of your own life.  Whether it’s a rom-com, a drama or an adventure movie, live it to the fullest and celebrate each and every day!

Making a Statement, Without Saying a Word


The President has a Press Secretary, celebrities have agents, but unless you’re famous, you probably have to speak for yourself.  You can make a statement in many different ways.  The way you dress, eat, drive, work and speak all make statements about the type of person you are, so does your jewelry. That’s why the term “statement piece” is used to refer to pieces of jewelry that go above and beyond the usual.  Statement pieces can be glamorous or they can be funky and unique, but they always say something about the wearer.

Glamorous statement pieces are a topic of conversation at events like awards ceremonies, the Met Gala and wherever the elite flock and gather. It’s easy to see why.  There is something fascinating about the ultimate luxury of these pieces.  The sheer carat count of precious gems and the fanciful settings captivate us.  The jewelry sets the wearer apart from the hoi polloi, almost as if to say, “Look what I get to wear….” Showoffs!  Don’t fall for that nonsense.  Glamorous statement pieces can be yours and we at George Press are here to prove it.

Glamour Girl

Right now we have in our estate collection this Antique Diamond and Sapphire Necklace with beautiful Victorian styling. 11.63cts of round diamonds and 4.50cts of gorgeous sapphire are set in a stunning display of platinum artistry.  Designed to truly flatter the neckline, this necklace certainly makes a statement.  We can hear it saying “She has such amazing taste, such appreciation for beauty. Doesn’t this necklace look divine on her? She’s gorgeous!”

Antique Diamond and Sapphire Necklace

For the Bold at Heart

This Diamond and Ruby Bracelet has also been quite chatty lately. It’s saying “Put me on your wrist and let me show the world what confident, classic beauty looks like.  Rubies aren’t shy and neither am I!”  This bracelet needs to be on a bold, bright woman who doesn’t mind when her bracelet sends brilliant flashes of ruby light across the room.  One who isn’t intimidated by ardent admirers.  A woman who can hold her own in any situation.  Are you that woman?


Quirk Factor

Of course glamour isn’t the only way to go when it comes to statement jewelry. Maybe you pride yourself on being different? From unusual to downright quirky, there is a whole host of statement pieces that can demonstrate what eclectic, nontraditional, yet aesthetically appealing taste you have!

For example, we just love these Amethyst Earrings from Doves.  The color is confectionary and results from pairing amethyst with pink mother of pearl.  The unusually shaped settings are outlined in diamonds for a chic, elegant, yet highly individualistic look that speaks volumes.  We know what its siren call is saying to us.  What enticing phrases are you hearing?


Sun Child

Maybe you’re a child of the sun and you prefer the gleam of warm, yellow gold?  You’re not alone!  No one knows the appeal of burnished golden light like Marco Bicego.  He has the perfect statement necklace for those who are drawn to gold and warm gems.  Simple, elegant, undeniable!  No one will ignore your Gold and Citrine Graduated Collar Necklace from the Lunaria Collection.  It stands out like a beacon, a lighthouse in the fog.  Ships on lonely seas will be drawn to it like an isle of tropical sunshine. It’s saying, “Come to me, I’m warm and welcoming. Bask in my luminescence, you will never want to leave.”

Lunaria Gold and Cirtine Graduated Collar Necklace

There are all kinds of statements you can make with a great piece of jewelry.  How you wear it, what you wear it with, and even where you wear it can change the message.  Don’t be afraid to get creative and have some fun with it.  Yes, your jewelry can speak volumes for you, but make sure it says what you want it to say!

Stargazing – The 2017 Golden Globe Awards

Take a golden globe, wrap it in a filmstrip, put it on a marble base, and you’ve got the quintessential element for a night of Hollywood stargazing and fashion trend-spotting!

The Golden Globe awards took place on Sunday, January 8, with all the aplomb, speculation and downright gossip these events can muster. Beautiful actresses, handsome leading men, gorgeous gowns, and of course, the best jewelry that money can buy (or that can be loaned gratis to important celebrities!)

This year was no exception. If you ask us, the jewelry outshone the gowns, if not the lovely ladies. Even a casual observer would have noticed several trends either emerging or being confirmed.

Leave the Cuffs on!

One of the more obvious stylings was the presence of big, bold cuffs.  Kristen Wiig wore a polished gold Chanel cuff and Ruth Negga also chose a gold cuff with a large ruby. Julia Louis-Dreyfuss’ cuff was slathered in diamonds.  But the award goes to Blake Lively and her matching emerald and diamond-bedecked cuffs that added a superhero touch to her black and metallic gown.

Thinking about trying this twice-as-nice trend?  Let us suggest a pair of these Alor Petra Diamond and Brown Stingray Cuffs. 18 karat gold and stainless steel cuffs with brown stingray and colored and white diamonds are sleek and sophisticated, especially when paired.  Imagine these with a beautiful cashmere sweater, or enhancing your slender wrists in a sleeveless dress. Tap them together and let the magic happen!

Stingray Alor Brown

Rings on Her Fingers…

Tracee Ellis Ross of “Blackish” fame fluttered her fingers for the camera all night to flaunt her diamond-laden hands.  Twelve rings, ten fingers, she took it to the extreme!  But she was far from the only celebrity wearing multiple rings, mostly of the diamond variety.  Natalie Portman, Drew Barrymore and Janelle Monae were also caught red-handed with bling fingers.

Thinking of giving your wedding ring a little companionship? How about this Karina Cluster Ring from Gregg Ruth? Featuring 1.27cts of diamonds in 18K white gold, this sparkler will attract all the paparazzi!  Feeling like a star?  Go ahead, add another. This White Gold and Stainless Steel Fashion Ring from Alor fills the bill easily!


Lady’s Alor White Gold and Stainless Steel Fashion Ring

The Ears Have It

Some trends are holding firm.  Sienna Miller wore simple pearls, Emma Stone a diamond pendant necklace, and of course, statement earrings are still going strong.  Whether cuffs or chandelier, cascades or studs, large diamond earrings were very much in evidence throughout the night. Natalie Portman, Sophia Vergara, Anna Kendrick, and Lily Collins were just a few to claim this award.  Here at George Press, we have given the diamond earring award to these South Sea Pearl and Diamond Earrings, featuring South Sea pearls and 3.46cts of diamonds set in platinum for a truly opulent experience.

Also tied for first place are these gorgeous 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Satin Earrings from Doves. Contemporary styling gives these dazzlers a fresh twist that is sure to draw attention from fans and rivals alike!

Yellow Gold Diamond Satin Earrings

The Night’s Hottest Trend

Finally, we wouldn’t be your trusted jewelry fashion advisor if we didn’t point out the night’s most newsworthy trend.  That’s right, the choker stole the show.  Love them?  Hate them? More on that later.  For now, the list of choker wearers looks something like this- Emma Stone, Michelle Williams, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and more.  Emma Stone wore a vintage 1909 Tiffany & Co. diamond choker with feminine Victorian styling.  We think this one from our Estate Collection is equally beautiful. 9.5cts of diamonds are stunning in a vintage platinum setting, proving that true classics are always in style.

Now that you have the inside skinny, you better get started on your acceptance speech. We think you might be up for a lifetime achievement award for always being the most stylish person in the room. Try to keep it under two minutes or we will play the award theme music. If that doesn’t work, we might have to ask George Clooney to escort you offstage. Wait…that might not be so terrible after all….

The Bonds of Blues – December’s Band of Birthstones

December has a number of birthstones, but the bond that binds them together is that they each offer a shade of blue, representing winter’s iciness.  The warmest of the birthstone choices is turquoise, which  commonly comes in many shades of blue and green. Turquoise can be worn any time of year and is very flattering to most skin tones.

Turquoise is also one of the oldest birthstones, having been used for more than 5,000 years on artifacts found in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.  Tutankhamen’s tomb held many pieces of turquoise jewelry and Cleopatra used ground turquoise as eye shadow. Native Americans also prized the beautiful blue stone, using it in rituals, jewelry, and even trading it as money. Turquoise has been found in some unusually large pieces, even weighing more than 100 pounds. Turquoise’s “cousin” Lapis Lazuli, which comes in a darker blue, has also been known as a December birthstone at times.

Zircon is an ancient gem and comes in a wide range of colors, but the most popular of these is blue.  In its blue state, it is an alternative birthstone for December. Zircon Is a natural gem and not to be confused with cubic zirconia.

Added to the December birthstone list in 2002 is Tanzanite, which was first discovered in Tanzania in 1967. Tanzanite varies in tone, ranging from light blue violet to intense ultramarine.  It is prized for its beautiful colors, with the strongly colored blue purple and blue violet stones being the most desirable.

Another modern addition, and a most popular one, is blue topaz. Topaz became known as a precious gem in the classical era, (1750-1820), however it was used long before then.  Topaz was known to be the stone of the Roman god, Jupiter.  A 1680 carat topaz also takes pride of place in the Portuguese crown.

George Press has some lovely examples of December birthstone jewelry. These White Topaz and Turquoise Earrings from Doves are ethereally beautiful.  Natural Arizona turquoise, white mother of pearl and white topaz are accented by 1.18cts of diamonds.  Not your typical turquoise jewelry by any means!


Also bringing new splendor to the genre are these Turquoise and Diamond Earrings.  Here, Doves uses an 18K white gold setting and 0.50cts of diamonds to showcase the brilliant blue of traditionally colored turquoise.


As if these weren’t enough, let us present you with one more birthstone show-stopper. Again from Doves, but this time it’s a White Gold and London Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring. The spectacular cut of the center blue topaz will have you envisioning cloudless summer skies or the aurora borealis of a shimmering polar night.  So blue you want to drink it, swim in it, or put it in a crystal decanter and just admire it.

White Gold London Blue Diamond Ring

December ladies, don’t let yourselves be cheated.  It’s not your fault that your birthday has to compete with the holidays!  Set aside a little spoiling for yourself and indulge in a piece of true December bliss.  Good things come in small packages you know! Stake your claim on your birthday rights and have a wonderful year. Happy Birthday from George Press!

Five Gold Rings – Accessorizing for the Holidays!

The holidays are upon us with all their sparkle and shine.  It’s a time of joy and merriment, children’s eyes aglow with excitement, families gathered in celebration. We are so grateful for so much, and yet, that nagging question remains – what are we going to wear??!!!

George Press has a few ideas to enhance your holiday wardrobe.  A little bling to make your party dress sing.  A touch of diamonds to light your….hm, nothing really rhymes with diamonds, but you get the picture.

So, without further ado,  George Press presents the hit of the Christmas lineup…five gold rings!  If you’re celebrating Hanukkah, don’t worry, we’ve got plenty more where these came from! The holidays are upon us with all their sparkle and shine.  It’s a time of joy and merriment, children’s eyes aglow with excitement, families gathered in celebration. We are so grateful for so much, and yet, that nagging question remains – what are we going to wear??!!!


Got the Holiday Blues?

Rose Gold Lapis Diamond Ring

We’ve got the cure!  Have you ever seen blue look more beautiful than it does in this  Rose Gold Lapis Diamond Ring from Doves’ Viola Collection. The center stone is an amalgam of lapis topped with white mother of pearl and crowned with light amethyst.  A checkerboard cut perfectly highlights its shining depths and layers of color. The 18K rose gold and diamond setting brings out the luster of the center stone.  With this ring, no one will care what else you’re wearing.  Really, you might as well be naked. But that might get chilly.

Turn It Up!

No, we don’t mean the thermostat, for a change!  This 18K Rose Gold Ring from Alor will warm things up for any of your special ladies. A simple way to say “I Love You” to anyone from your significant other to your favorite niece. Very stylish, very charming, it will quickly become a go-to piece as it works its way from day to evening. She will just love it, but not as much as she loves you!

The Eye of the Beholder

Where does beauty lie?  All around us.  Particularly around you, when you’re wearing this Yellow Gold and Diamond Fashion Ring from Alor. Such an unusual setting is truly worthy of notice.  Everyone will be admiring your new ring as it glints under the lights.  The warm tone of the yellow gold says “sunny and bright” even as the snowflakes tickle your eyelashes. From the Aloro Collection, for your special someone.

A Golden Vision Created Just for Her

George Press South Sea Pearl and Diamond Ring

George Press presents his vision of the well-wrapped present. A stunning golden South Sea Pearl folded into a shining envelope of 18K yellow gold and outlined in diamond ribbons. This custom creation will outshine any other gift she receives. A work of art that rivals Klimt for golden luster and endless appeal, and it, too, is a masterpiece!

A Wintery Wonderland

Lady’s Alor White Gold and Stainless Fashion Ring

Like snowflakes, no two diamonds are alike. This can also be said of women! But almost every woman will appreciate the beauty of this Contemporary White Gold Fashion Ring from Alor. Perfect for the holiday season, 18K white gold and diamonds are a match made in heaven. Which is how she will describe your relationship, when you show your undying love with this frosty sparkler. Guaranteed to melt your Ice Queen’s heart – maybe you’d better get a mop too.

Remember, this is just a glimpse of the holiday treasures George Press has in store.  Pick your favorite, or come in and talk to George about personally designing just the right piece.  No matter which ring you choose, you are sure to spend your holidays snuggled up like a pair of turtle doves, and that certainly beats a bunch of leaping lords!

Topaz and Citrine-the Bounty of November’s Birthstones

When you think of November what comes to mind?  The color of the leaves?  The bounty of the harvest? Giving thanks, and the last warm rays of the sun before winter truly sets in?

All these things are reflected in November’s birthstones, the traditional golden topaz and its less expensive, but no less beautiful, alternative, citrine. Citrine has been called a gift from the sun and Topaz was believed to be a tribute to the Egyptian Sun God, Ra, and the Greek Sun God, Jupiter.  You can imagine ancient man clinging to this warm hope as long desolate winters approached.

But the past is past, and modern man has come far enough to appreciate topaz in all its incarnations. Like sapphires, topaz is available in a rainbow of vibrant hues, and citrines range in color from lemon yellow to reddish brown, and even beyond.

London Calling

There won’t be any huddling around a cave fire when you’re wearing this Doves’ White Gold Lapis Diamond Ring. The gorgeous London Blue center topaz doesn’t feel the cold at all.  Set in 18 karat white gold and outlined in diamonds, this ring is positively aristocratic. Think Lara in her billowing white furs sledding to the winter palace with Dr. Zhivago – you’ll be perfectly warm.

White Gold Lapis Diamond Ring

Winter White

Or chill out with Phillip Stein’s Horizon White Topaz Bracelet in sterling silver. According to Phillip Stein, this collection utilizes natural frequency technology to help you focus and relax.  It also looks fantastic.  Picture it on your wrist, smooth, sleek and oh so calm. We’re relaxing just thinking about it….


The Finer Things in Life

These earrings make us think of Regency-style jewelry, though rendered in modern technique and materials. Natural Arizona turquoise is blended with white mother of pearl and white topaz to create an opalescent, shimmering drop earring accented by 1.18cts of gracefully swathed diamonds. A flood of images is called to mind; Caribbean waters, beaded gowns, Greek vases, and the treasures of a mermaid’s trove.  We want them all, don’t you?


Hearth and Home

Exotic colored topazes are wonderful to be sure, but George Press doesn’t hesitate to remind us of the allure of traditional golden topaz.  His Topaz and Diamond Ring warms our feet by the fire. Classic scrolls embrace a honey-colored topaz, offset with fine black and white round, brilliant diamonds in 18 karat gold.  The effect is luxe and stately, like a classical soprano trilling arias beside a grand piano or 50-year-old scotch in a Baccarat crystal glass.  If you can only have one topaz, then this is the one to have.


Fortunately, you can have as many of these as you wish. If topaz is your birthstone, it’s practically your obligation to explore! Set off for London, the North Pole and the Caribbean, then come home and rest your weary limbs by the fire as you remember your adventures. It certainly beats bringing in the sheaves!

Drop It Like It’s Hot -The Drop Hoop Earring Heats Things Up!

Hoop earrings have been around for a long time.  Wildly popular in the 1960’s, thick hoop earrings in day-glo color were a groovy accessory for the “mod” fashion ensembles of the time.  Even the drop hoop existed then, usually as a plastic hoop that thickened towards the bottom and was suspended from a plastic button. Ah memories….

Today’s drop hoop interpretation is a horse of a different color. Our drop hoops are fun and frisky, but their restrained color palettes and precious materials make them an elegant and timeless addition to your jewelry  collection.

Spiraling Out of Control

Let’s start with these White Stainless Chandelier Earrings from Alor’s Noir collection.  A series of stainless steel and black cable hoops dotted with round diamonds almost form a spiral as they graduate in size from small to large.  Strikingly different, they go from day to evening with ease. Fun and hip, they work well for the modern businesswoman, the boho chic, and add evening elegance to any outfit.


           Diamonds on Display

We are also loving these Dove’s Diamond Hoop Earrings. White, cognac, and black diamonds ornament a slender hoop of 18 karat rose gold for a look that is thoroughly innovative and leaves the 1960’s in the dust (where it belongs!) You could make these earrings your statement piece and never regret the choice. Fashionistas take note –  these ARE the ones.


Nobody Does It Better

Once again, Ivanka Trump proves that nobody does it better!  These 18 karat yellow gold diamond drop earrings bear her unmistakable stamp. Interpreted with architectural brilliance, these pear-shaped hoops are at once intimately familiar and like nothing you’ve ever seen before. They speak volumes about the taste and style of the wearer, without uttering a single word. Bravissimo!

And Now for Something Completely Different…

Agora means “gathering place” in Greek. The ancient agora in Athens was the center of athletics, artistry, spirituality and politics. Everyone who was anyone gathered in the agora. These Hera Agora Drop Earrings in sterling silver and 18 karat rose gold with diamonds have all that is necessary to make you the center of everyone’s focus.  Three dropped leaf-shaped hoops in silver, rose and charcoal are soft, yet edgy. Feminine, but focused.  They say “the world is your apple, take a bite!”

Our advice?  Don’t drop the ball, drop the hoop!  Earrings are the best way to draw attention to the face. Lovely eyes, lovely lips, a well-shaped ear, the right earrings can highlight all your special beauty. A dropped hoop will make you feel and look youthful and sexy.  Pick a pair that highlights your individuality and you’ll be too hot to handle!


The Wearing o’ the Green

March 17th is right around the corner, and with it the rollicking celebration known as St. Patrick‘s Day.  Now you don’t have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patty’s Day, but sure and begorrah, you better be wearing your green!

We love green stones at this time of year anyway, because they seem so symbolic of spring and regrowth.  Flowers are pushing up their leaves and before you know it , new grass shoots will be covering the lawns. Can’t you just smell the air after a spring shower….mmmmm.
This Marco Bicego Jaipur Color Tourmaline Ring captures that moment perfectly in 18 karat gold with green tourmaline. It’s enough to make us buy dozens of tulips and put them all over the house!

Or maybe you love the stately elegance of lilies? Then you may prefer these Doves Agate and Diamond Earrings in 18 karat white gold featuring green agate.  Look at that beautiful true green. These would look gorgeous with green eyes, blue eyes and brown eyes too! As long as they’re Irish eyes, and they’re smiling!

Finally, stop and admire the allure of this platinum George Press Diamond Eternity Band with 6.84cts of emerald cut diamonds, enveloped by two 18 karat gold channel rings, each set with 3.74cts of square peridot.  It deserves a parade all of its own!

So have fun on St. Patty’s Day, dance a jig if the spirit moves you, but above all wear your green.  Here’s wishing you the luck of the Irish!

The Gold And The Beautiful

Many months have two birthstone choices and November is no exception, featuring as it does, both citrine and topaz. Two bold and beautiful choices for you equally striking November ladies!

Citrine gets its name from the French word for lemon. It has been described as a gift from the sun. How appropriate, gleaming as it does in shades from pale yellow to dark orange.

You will shine from sunrise to sunset too, in either of these glorious golden offerings.  Whether its this Marco Bicego Citrine Delicati Necklace in 18 karat gold.

Or these Shoshana Citrine, Sapphire and Diamond earrings, with round cognac diamonds and yellow sapphires, you will be known as the golden girl for sure!

Feeling frisky? Maybe you want something more exotic for your birthday? Just look at these White Topaz and Turquoise Earrings from Doves! Combining Arizona turquoise, mother of pearl, white topaz and 1.18cts of dazzling diamonds with a hip, chic vibe, who would have ever thought that topaz could look like this!



Or, dive even deeper, into the sultry blue waters off of Venice, with these Marco Bicego Murano Blue Topaz earrings in 18 karat gold.




This shade of “London” blue is so hot right now its positively cool. London is calling baby, and its saying  Happy Birthday to you!

So rejoice November gals, you have more choices than ever before.  Get out there and celebrate what makes you, you! And let us be the first to wish you a most wonderful and exciting birthday!


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