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A Diamond a Day-Why April’s Birthstone Rules!

April, you are the envy of all the other birthstones, for your birthstone is the best and the brightest – diamonds!  Sure, others have tried to ascribe additional birthstones to April – sapphire, clear quartz, and opal to be specific, but for most of us, we hear “diamond” and nothing after that.

And who can blame us?  Aren’t diamonds the most popular gemstone?  Aren’t they the hardest and most valuable stones of all? Some ancient cultures believed that diamonds were the tears of the gods.  Today we know that most of them are created under high pressure and temperatures deep in the Earth. Imagine the treasures yet to be found!

Wishing on a Pink Star

Diamonds come in different hues, too.  Ranging from faint to vivid, they can be found in yellow, green, blue, red and pink. The 59.60 carat Pink Star diamond recently broke a world record at auction, when it sold for $71 million in Hong Kong.  The buyer, Chinese retailer Chow Tai Fook promptly renamed the stone “CTF Pink Star.”

Maybe you will never own the CTF Pink Star, but that doesn’t mean you can’t include more diamonds in your day.  April ladies have the perfect excuse, sure, but they don’t have a monopoly! So, let’s look at some of the “daily” diamonds we have right here at George Press.  Diamonds you can wear any day, every day, and every evening too!

Daily Diamonds

This Lady’s Alor Black Cable Bangle Bracelet is a great example of a versatile diamond bracelet. Wrought in black cable and 18 karat white gold, it is effortlessly chic, and definitely cool.  From the Noir collection, it is perfect for wearing with a dress, business casual and your favorite jeans. We could see this being popular with all ages, and it makes an excellent gift for teens and twenty-somethings. There’s no better time to introduce them to diamonds.

This diamond bracelet is just one of the many George Press carries

Never Goa Away

Marco, Marco, you know the way to a woman’s heart.  Marco Bicego’s Goa Collection includes this sparkling 18K Yellow Gold and Diamond Bar Necklace.  Brighten your day, every day, by incorporating this sunny sparkler into your wardrobe.  Perfect for mixing with other necklaces, it also does the job alone.  The intricate chain is just one measure of its artistry.  Beautifully done, beautifully worn, by you, whenever you want! Note to April babies- add to wish list!

One of the many diamond necklaces that George Press has to offer

This Flex Forte Bezel Diamond Dust Bangle reflects everything that is right with jewelry styles today.  Perfect for stacking, or mix with another A-Link bangle, we have several compatible styles.  There is no right or wrong with these bangles, no time of day or required occasion. Just slip them on and go – to the mall, to work, to dinner.  Wherever and whenever you want!

Another diamond bracelet from the George Press Collection

The Right-Hand Ring

Let’s not forget that perennial favorite, the “right-hand” ring.  Not every diamond band has to be a wedding band. Some say it should be worn on the right hand to avoid confusion, but we say wear it however you darn well please.  Whether it’s a gift to yourself or for someone else, diamond bands- wedding or not- are a great way to put more diamonds into your life.

This Christopher Designs Diamond “Wedding” Band works perfectly for both a wedding band and a right-hand ring. In sultry platinum with 3.71cts of blazing diamonds, nobody puts Baby in a corner! (Dirty Dancing reference.)

This diamond wedding ring is one of the many sold at George Press jewelers

Also from Christopher Designs, we love this 18K white gold band with 0.57cts of diamonds for a multifunctional diamond band.  Of course, when shopping for a wedding band or a right-hand ring, we have too many styles to put them all here.  Your best bet is to come into the store and try on some of our many gorgeous choices.  It’s much more fun that way!

This diamond wedding band is another piece from Christopher Designs that George Press carries

In conclusion, if April is your birth month, make sure you spoil yourself and add some more diamonds to your day.  And if April isn’t your birth month, add some more diamonds to your day anyway.  Remember, there is no such thing as too many diamonds – and there never will be!

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best April Birthstone!

Congratulations, April babies you have won the birthstone lottery! As much as girls born in other months may cherish their own special birthstones, rest assured that they all secretly envy you.  Some more than others!

The name diamond comes from the Greek word “adamas,”meaning invincible. Diamonds come in a wide range of colors, including yellow, orange, black, blue, purple, green, pink and red.  These diamonds are known as “fancy,” and the color is created by impurities in the stone, such as yellow for nitrogen and blue for boron.

Luckily for the rest of us, there is nothing to stop anyone from enjoying the beauty and magnificence of diamond jewelry. Today’s diamond jewelry comes in a variety of styles from playful to elegant, and can be enjoyed all day-and all night- long. So don’t be an April fool, put those diamonds on and shine, shine, shine!

George Press Flower Earrings

George Press Diamond Flower Earrings

These adorable 18 karat yellow gold flower earrings feature almost a carat of diamonds, but do they look stodgy and serious?  Heck no!  Designed and created by George Press custom jewelry, these earrings are joyous and youthful.  Perfect for the free spirit that lives inside you, they pair easily with everything from jeans to prom dresses.  What would you love to wear them with?  Visit our Facebook page and let us know! 

 Lady’s Two-Tone 18 Karat Geometric Fashion Ring

Lady’s Two-Tone 18 Karat Geometric Fashion Ring

Lady’s Two-Tone 18 Karat Geometric Ring

All bow before the new Queen of our Estate Collection. This show-stopping ring is a diamond masterpiece in a ruby frame. Totally wearable and fashion-forward, you can rock this beauty 24/7 and be absolutely majestic!

Marco Bicego Sivigilia Diamond Necklace

Marco Bicego Siviglia Diamond Necklace

Add the perfect touch to any outfit with this Marco Bicego Siviglia Necklace in 18 karat yellow gold embellished with 0.60cts of diamonds. This impeccable necklace has a classic look that will always be stylish. You may never take it off!

George Press Geometric Diamond Ring

George Press Geometric Diamond Ring

George Press Geometric Diamond Ring

Now here’s a ring that’s perfect for those who have arrived!  Set in 18 karat gold, this ring is a sophisticated mix for the bold at heart.  A 2.00ct center stone lords it over a court of smaller diamonds. Exquisite taste at an exceptional price, custom made for the discerning buyer by George Press.

So Happy Birthday to April’s offspring, enjoy your well-deserved birthstone!  As for the rest of us, remember – “everyday” does not mean “ordinary.” You can wear ANY of these knockouts every day, but you will certainly be a long, long way from ordinary!

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