A Day in the Life

What goes on behind the scenes at George Press Jewelers? Take a look at a typical day in the life of George.

6am: Garden Tour
Coffee in one hand, shears in the other, George maintains a meticulous garden. His love of art and design is apparent in every aspect of his life.

7am: On the Road
A Jaguar enthusiast, traffic is more tolerable in his XKR.

38 Years- Number of years George Press Jewelers has been in business.

9am: High-Tech Designs
Using the store’s 3D printer, George prints out a replica of a custom engagement ring he designed for a customer.

10am: Open Up Shop
The first customer should be arriving soon. Meanwhile everyone is working busily, cleaning the jewelry, working on watch repairs and getting orders ready.


45 Repairs – The average number of jewelry repairs handled daily at the store.

Jeweler Repair

12pm: Diamonds are Forever
Especially for George, who works carefully on a piece that will include 105 diamonds of varying size and cuts.

2pm: “They’re Perfect!”
An elated customer says about the matching mother daughter pendants George crafted from a treasured pair of earrings.

4pm: Estate Sale
George meets with a customer interested in selling a few pieces of estate jewelry. Using an XRF metal analyzer, George can determine the content and karat value of each piece.


29 Carats – The largest diamond sale negotiated by George Press.


5:01pm: Closing Time
The store closes, but the day is not over. It’s time to review the day’s transactions and plan for tomorrow.

7pm: Supply Run
He heads up Route 10 to stop at Costco, Staples and Home Depot.

3 Daughters – George has with his wife, Cheryl… Jackie, Jill and Maddie.


8pm: Arrives at the JCC
It’s time to dive in for his biweekly Master Swimmers class.

10pm: Home Sweet Home
It’s been a busy day, but George is back home, enjoying a late dinner and getting ready to start all over again tomorrow.

1 French Bull Dog – Actually a grand dog and store mascot, named Beau.


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