At George Press Jewelers, we take the utmost pride in our diamond selection and second-to-none customer support when it comes to picking out the perfect one. We understand that the diamond selection process can be exciting, but also intimidating to new buyers, and that’s why we do whatever we can to make sure they’re not only happy, but 100 percent comfortable with their decision!

From first-time diamond shoppers to seasoned pros, at George Press, customers always feel at ease as we guide them through the entire selection process. For many men, the purchase of an engagement ring is their first experience in the world of fine jewelry and may seem a little overwhelming! We take the time to educate our customers on every vital aspect and demystify the process to ensure a stress-free shopping experience. Keeping budget and preference in mind, we guarantee to help you make the right selection.

Our expert Graduate Gemologists and jewelry experts continuously stay up to date with any current technology and are recognized and accredited by all major professional and gemological associations. We have all of the latest equipment to test diamonds and offer accurate appraisals. And since we have on staff, full time master bench jewelers and goldsmiths, it is easy for us to help you design a ring of her dreams and also allows us to be very competitive with our prices. We manufacture on site, have CAD technology and a 3D printer so you are part of the entire process. We also make sure never to sacrifice the quality of our stones, and that includes never selling clarity enhanced diamonds. George Press Jewelers also adheres to The Kimberly Process and the World Diamond Council Voluntary System of Warranties, which aim to put an end to conflict diamonds.

We’ve been a part of thousands of happy engagements and it’s not unusual to see second and even third generations following in their parents’ footsteps. We truly value each and every customer and every piece of jewelry offered in our store.


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