2018 Holiday Gift Guide


2018 Holiday Gift Guide

November 30, 2018

The most wonderful time of the year is here once again! However, with the holiday spirit comes lots and lots of holiday shopping. We all have those few people on our list that are just impossible to shop for. Fortunately, we have a few ideas that will bring joy to both you and the lucky recipients.

This year, we suggest that everyone goes Swiss – as in Swiss Army! This iconic brand has a slew of amazing gifts for anyone and everyone. From your favorite neighbor, to your niece, or your partner. All of the Swiss Army products are loved for their functionality, innovation, quality and well-known design. Here are some of their best sellers:

For your favorite friend that is always on their tablet, this flapover digital bag could be one of the best things about their commute. The Altmont™ 3.0 Digital Bag is the perfect size for your friend’s digital lifestyle, sized just right for their tablet and a few accessories. And with padded sleeves, their valuables will always be protected.

If you happen to have a wine aficionado on your list, they are probably in the market for an updated bottle opener. The Wine Master, a 2018 Reddot Award winner, is a tool that was created with perfection. An extra-long corkscrew with five coils prevents cork breakage, plus a unique combination tool houses a two-step lever for uncorking and a bottle opener. The integrated pocket knife has a wavy-edged beak blade foil cutter and a large locking blade. Overall the design is smart and seriously wine-savvy.

The SwissCards are always a great choice for anyone on your list. Available in three different varieties – the Lite, the Nailcare and the Classic – in your choice of gray, blue or red, you will easily be able to tick quite a few people off of your list thanks to these little numbers.

The SwissCard Lite has over 13 functions including a LED light and magnifying glass. They will be amazed how they ever survived before having this tucked away in their wallet.

The SwissCard Classic is also a great companion for your wallet. This version boasts 10 functions including tweezers and a ballpoint pen.

For that dear friend or family member that always makes sure their hands are neat and tidy, the SwissCard Nailcare is a great find. The folks at Swiss Army has packed 13 tools into this card as well! From a ruler, to a toothpick, to a glass nail file, this SwissCard keeps you well-groomed and good to go.

If you have some lucky friends and family members that get to escape to warmer climates during the winter months, Swiss Army has some great gifts that they can use right away while those of us up North have to wait until we thaw out.

Do you have a favorite sailor on your gift list? If you do, check out the Skipper Pro. It is an essential tool that will keep those days on the water beautiful, stress-free and ready for anything. The Skipper Pro comes packed with typical Victorinox functionality, combining a lock blade with a sailing-specific tool essential for any nautical adventure: a robust, lockable marlin spike. What else could that special Captain in your life need?

When you are searching for a gift for a certain land-lover, you may want to look into this great pocket knife for florists and gardeners. We all know someone that loves having fresh flowers in their home, and this cleverly designed tool will ensure their floral arrangements last even longer. Fitted with a sharp, strong, straight, 55 mm blade and a 100 mm nylon handle, it provides a perfect and clean cut which is vital to ensure stalks can absorb water efficiently.

No matter who you may have on your holiday shopping list, and how hard it may seem to find them the perfect gift, we at George Press are here to help. We hope that this guide has provided you with some inspiration – and perhaps some motivation as well!

Happy Holidays and happy holiday shopping to you all!

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